“Excel 2016 Training for Beginners” is an introductary course on how to work with Excel when you are just starting out with the application.

It offers video lessons combined with downloadable exercises that will give you the opportunity to practice what you learn in each lesson.

At the end of the course, you will become familiar with the UI and gain confidence in performing day to day Excel operations.

Learn Excel 2016 for Beginners

  Topics Covered in the Course:

  1. The Excel User Interface

    Finding the tools and commands in Excel can be maddening when you're first starting out. This lesson helps you identify the various elements and toolbars in the Excel UI so you can quickly find the commands you need to enter data and build your workbook.
  2. Ability to Create and Navigate the Excel UI

    The first step in working with Excel is to create your first workbook and save it. This lesson teaches you how to do that and navigate around the workbook with confidence.
  3. Build the Workbook by Entering and Editing Data

    Entering and editing data in Excel can be easy but if you don;t know the rules, you might end up losing data. This lesson teaches you the different ways to enter different types of data and edit them according to your needs. 
  4. Create Simple Formulas

    Entering formulas in Excel requires that you know the order of operations and how Excel performs them. This lesson teaches you how to create formulas in Excel and execute them to get the right results.
  5. Format and Align Data

    Excel offers a number of different ways in which you can display data. This lesson teaches you various methods of formatting your data and aligning them to give your data a professional appearance.
  6. Manage Workbooks and Worksheets

    Whether you are working with a number of worksheets in a workbook or a number of workbooks, you need to know how to manage them effectively. This lesson teaches you how to manage data within multiple workbooks and move them from one workbook to another.
  7. Make Workbook Data Print Ready

    Printing an Excel workbook is not as straightforward as printing a Word document. This lesson shows you how to set print areas and print titles, apply page breaks, set margins and check orientations and get your workbook data ready for printing.

Ready to Build Your Excel Foundation?