Microsoft Visio 2010 Review

With so many open-source apps and programs available to use today, many people will ask themselves how a software application such as MS Visio 2010 can be so popular and successful. With millions of satisfied users and many years of successful existence, Visio is still very much on top of the food chain when we are talking about diagramming software available to use nowadays. However, how does the new version of Visio do on this chain, and will you be needing Microsoft Visio 2010 training because all of the innovations and changes introduced by this version of Visio? Well, read on to find out.

Microsoft Visio 2010 Review

Is MS Visio 2010 Simple and Easy to Use?

This is probably the first question everybody asks when talking about new versions of any program, especially when it is a diagramming program. Namely, in order to be productive with Microsoft Visio 2010, you have to be able to complete tasks with it practically, easily, and quickly. The new Visio 2010 is indeed practical and easy to use, and the new features will give you a chance to do everything you imagined very quickly and without wasting any time.

Does Visio 2010 Integrate with Office?

Another very exciting thing to mention is exactly this – the seamless integration between all the programs from MS Office 2010 and Visio 2010. For example, you will be able to import a spreadsheet from Excel and use it in Visio to create a diagram, and then keep on making changes to this diagram because all the changes you make in the workbook will reflect on this particular diagram. The integration between the programs from MS Office and Visio is very important, as Visio might find its place in Office very soon.

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Microsoft Visio 2010

Is the New Ribbon any Good?

The new ribbon is used to access all the tools that are to help you easily and quickly create and customize all kinds of drawings and diagrams in Microsoft Visio 2010. It is fairly easy and intuitive to use, and previous users of Visio will probably fall in love with it. Another great thing about the ribbon is the fact that it can be minimized in order to maximize the size of the work surface, which is a much needed option for charts or diagrams that are too big to handle.

What about First-Time Microsoft Visio 2010 Users?

Owing to the fact that Microsoft Visio 2010 is a pretty complex software application, users who have never before used Visio might often be overwhelmed by the number of options and tools offered to them by MS Visio 2010. However, it is also important to say that this program is very intuitive to use, as well as designed with user-friendliness in mind. If this doesn’t seem to be helping, you can always turn to a large number of online tutorials and training courses available for Visio 2010. In fact, it is highly recommended to use these training courses and tutorials if you are using the program for the first time, as this is the best way to master Visio 2010 and use it efficiently.

Author Bio: Visio 2010 is one of the best drawing applications around. Abhishek is a Visio 2010 training provider and has conducted more than 100 training sessions in past 12 months.

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  • Updated December 27, 2015
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