New GBoard Features You’ll Enjoy Using on Your Android

Google’s stock Android keyboard has picked up a new update. The update gives the keyboard a new name and some exciting features that may make you give up on that third party keyboard if you’ve been using one. Google Keyboard is now GBoard and here are some new GBoard features you’ll enjoy using.

New GBoard Features To Try Right Away

Quick Google Search

One of the most useful features in the GBoard keyboard is the ability to find instant answers via Google Search. The search functionaility in the keyboard is slightly different from the way search usually works on the web.

Tapping the G button does not open a new screen for searching. Instead you can see answers for your query on important topics such as the weather, your location, the news and so on. If an answer is not available right away, you will get a link to the top result. Once you have your answer, you can share it with the person you are interacting with.

The GBoard search result offers a very convenient Search button that automatically pastes the data you searched for in the text field making it easy to do the sharing.

To use the Google Search using GBoard:

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1. Tap on the G button at the top left corner of the keyboard.

GBoard with no number key

2. In the search field, enter your search query. Hit Enter to see the results. Alternatively, you can also see search suggestions at the top of the search field. You can choose one of the options if that’s what you are looking for.

Quick suggestions

3. If you get multiple results, tap on the result you want to share with your contact. This will enter the link in the text field.

New GBoard Features - Quick Google Search

4. If If there is just one result, like a location or the weather, tap Share  and the information will get entered in the text field.

Now you can send the information to your contact.

2. Move the Cursor Using the SpaceBar

In the earlier version of the keyboard, you had a tough time moving the cursor inside a long string of text. This made it especially difficult to make corrections to misspelled words. Now, you can easily move the cursor between the characters by swiping the Spacebar to the left or right.

3. Quick Deletion of Multiple Words and Sentences

now, if you want to remove a string of text or even multiple lines of text, you don’t have to keep tapping the Delete button. A single swipe action is enough. Here’s how it works.

1. Place the cursor after the text you want to remove.

2. Go to the key right next to the Delete key and swipe left until you have highlighted all the words before the cursor you want to delete.

3. Release your finger from the swipe action. the words will be deleted.

This way you can wipe off large chunks of text from the keyboard in one go saving you a ton of time.

4. Search Emoji and GIFs

No conversation today is complete without an emoji. If you love emoji and GIF-laden conversations GBoard has a built-in search feature that should make finding the right emojis and GIFs a breeze. Here’s how to do an emoji search.

1. On the keyboard, hit the Emoji icon.

2. In the Search field at the top of the keyboard, enter the emoji search term. For example, you can type angry to get a search result of angry emojis. To search for GIFs, you need to select the GIF icon at the bottom row of the keyboard and do the keyword search. However, GIF search works only in certain fields.

New GBoard Features - Emoji search

3. Once you’ve found the right expressive emotion or GIF, you can tap to add it to the conversation.

5. Type is Multiple Languages

Gboard supports multilingual typing. This means you can type a sentence in English continue the conversation in another language without switching keyboards. For example I started a conversation in English and received word predictions on the keyboard and then I switched to some French and I could see Gboard automatically detecting the language change and offering French word predictions.

New GBoard Features - Multilingual typing

I switched back to English and the predictions changed accordingly. While not all languages have direct support, you can specify which languages you want supported by making some settings tweaks.

To specify the languages you want to use:

1. Tap on the G button at the top of the keyboard to bring up the secondary menu.

2. Tap the Gear icon to access the GBoard settings.

3. Tap on Languages. You will see a list of all supported languages. Tap the button next to the ones you want to use.

The languages will be automatically downloaded and available in Gboard for use.

6. Glide Typing

Swipe typing in Google Keyboard has just gotten better with the latest update. The animations are much smoother and their accuracy is also enhanced. You’ll also notice that the feature is faster, especially if you have a gift for super speedy swipe-typing.

7. Option to Add a Number Row

If you hated the absence of a number row on your Google keyboard, the good news is that you can now activate it easily. Just follow the steps in this post to always keep the number row on top of the keyboard.

8. Use the One Hand Mode

Typing on the keyboard on a mobile with one hand is no easy task. You have a problem if your device is too big or if you have small hands. Thankfully, GBoard’s One Hand Mode should make that job easy for you. In this mode, the keyboard will be pinned to the corner of the screen you are using so you can easily type with all keys within reach.

To enable the One Hand mode:

1. Tap the G button at the top of the keyboard to bring up the secondary menu.

2. Click the One Hand Mode icon in the middle.

New GBoard features - One hand mode

Once the One Hand mode is enabled, you can start using it. Tap on the expand button at the side of it to switch back to normal mode.

See GBoard in action

If you’ve been using the stock Android keyboard for long, GBoard will make a world of difference to the way you use your keyboard and get things done. I recommend you check out all these cool features and let us know what you think of the new features.

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  • Updated January 27, 2017
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