OnetoOneText Live Chat Software Review

There are plenty of ways in which businesses can offer great customer support and satisfaction. Traditional phone support and email support are some of them, but they have their limitations either in terms of cost or slowness of resolutions. Live Chat Software is a cost effective alternative that can help businesses instantly connect to their customers, send pre-determined responses to frequently asked questions and even handle multiple customers at a time. Today, I take a look at OnetoOneText Live Chat software that offers subscription based services that are ideal for small and medium businesses looking to provide an ideal customer support system at optimum cost.

OnetoOneText Review

onetoone text software

OnetoOneText is currently in beta, and offers you a free trial of their services for up to 30 days. To get started, you will need to sign up for one of their packages. If you’re planning to operate the service single handedly, you can go for the basic version that costs $ 10 per month. Or you can choose from the Small, Pro, or Enterprise packages that’s available in the price range of $20 to $60.

Once you sign up for an account, you can head over to the Dashboard and pick up your HTML code. This will go onto the desired location in your website. Then you will need to download and install the Chat software on your PC and you’re all set to start interacting with your online visitors.

onetoonetext setup codes

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Features of OnetoOneText

OnetoOnetext provides chat operators access to solutions from their knowledge databases and previous resolutions for quicker customer response time. The tool lets operators easily handle multiple visitors by providing real time status of chat conversations. Operators can also view all active chat rooms and interact with other departmental operators for seamless communication among themselves.

The Live Chat software also offers real-time visitor monitoring and tracks information related to visitor country, IP, time on site, browser and OS used, keywords searched and so on, which will help in future marketing campaigns.

Visitor Monitoring With Google Map Tracking

Businesses can also choose from the website’s attractive chat icons and banners or use custom chat icons to emphasize their branding.

chat icons  - onetoonetext

Similarly, businesses can also choose an attractive visitor survey design from the online gallery with an option to automatically email visitors after the chat. The tool also switches its live mode status to offline mode when operators are not available.

OnetoOne Text can be set up on multiple websites and chats can be assigned to each department depending on information requested in the chat registration form.

onetoonetext operators

OnetoOnetext uses PHP in server side software and standard Dynamic HTML, Flash Builder and java script for client-side access. It is a hosted system, so that means the company takes care of all server issues, bandwidth usage and  system upgrades.

OnetoOnetext encompasses many good features that you would expect in a Live Chat Software with plenty more along the way including keyboard shortcuts, traffic charts, Web-Based agent operator interface and the ability to save or print a chart.

If you are interesting in boosting your website interaction with your visitors, be sure to check out what OnetoOnetext offers.

And if you are already a customer, let us know what you think of the service.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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