Play Contre Jour on Internet Explorer 10 Now

Remember,  how Microsoft introduced Cut the Rope on IE 9 so you could enjoy feeding sweets to little Om Nom on your browser? Now the team introduces yet another popular iOS game for fans of browser games. Contre Jour, the award winning iOS game makes its grand entry on Internet Explorer 10. So, if you have Internet Explorer 10 installed on your PC, … [Read more...]

Top Five Animal Themed Games Applications

If you're a technology-fanatic as well as an animal lover then you have come to the right place. So if you're looking to fill up your Ipad or your smart phone with some cute, fun animal themed games then we've got it covered. Below are five great animal themed games which are available to download via the iTunes or the Google Play Store, so no … [Read more...]

It’s Time To Completely Organize Your Life With These 5 Cool Apps

Some people have pretty good organizational qualities, but the rest of us definitely do not. But you don't have to live this way forever, especially now that technology has advanced so much. Nowadays we can download special apps to use on our Smartphone or tablet that will take away the need for us to think ever again. OK, well maybe we'll still … [Read more...]

The Best Audio Apps for iPhone

This article covers some of the best audio apps for iPhone that you can use to either listen to or create some music. The mix of apps is fairly varied, from an app that helps teach you how to play the guitar, to the MTV app that lets you listen to their music and watch their TV shows. There are also some that have libraries of music that you may … [Read more...]

How to Download iOS 6 Firmware without iTunes

Apple devices are powered by firmware also known as iOS firmware. The latest iOS 6 firmware comes pre-installed in iPhone 5, while other old generation iDevice users would have to upgrade their devices manually. Since iOS 5, Apple facilitated two different methods to update the firmware, but updating firmware through iTunes is still a more … [Read more...]

What Are The Smartphone Habits You Should Avoid?

Habits are repeat customary practices that a person does so often that it becomes normal to them, even though it may seem out of the ordinary to others. Each Individual has his or her own habits, either good or bad. Depending on his or her environment, there are numerous triggering factors that could lead a person to acquiring certain habits. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Apps That Make Navigating Dentistry Easier!

Having gone through the many years of medical and dental school, it is only right that technology brings applications to make dentistry easier to navigate. Dentistry requires a certain level of expertise, skill and diligence that few others can understand unless one is a dentist, of course. The existence of such applications that make one's … [Read more...]

How Social Media Marketing Helps Search Connections

Social media marketing is a widely used method for marketing the products and services around the world. Simply focus on the networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and you're simply in a position to get your best target- free advertisements of your product. Social media marketing is facilitating sites to get their sales goal by … [Read more...]