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Learning Guitar is Fun with Coach Guitar

Now guitar lessons are available on your phones and iPads as well. Latest hits and their chords are available at just a swipe of a finger. Downloading the app and installing it in the device is all that one has to do. Coach Guitar is specially a good and useful app for the beginners as it provides with the basic lessons as well as the popular easy to play tunes, just in the best interest

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Health & Fitness

Top Breast Cancer iOS Apps

Smart phones have redefined the way people conduct daily activities. Parents with potty training children use apps to quickly find the nearest public restrooms when their tiny tots have to go right now. Bargain shoppers can use phones to scan a product in one store and see how the price compares to the same product in other stores nearby. And now breast cancer patients can do everything from have an attractive man walk them through

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5 Apps Celebrities Can’t Live Without

Everyone loves a good app and celebrities are no different to the rest of us. Even the normal guy who sells timber decking in Melbourne almost certainly uses the same apps as Kylie Minogue.  The main difference is that celebrities are invariably pictured with a mobile phone in one hand and a designer handbag in the other. Of course some celebrities are more in tune with the mobile world than others. They recognize the promotional

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Review Of RetroN 5 Console

How would you like to play all of the retro video games that you grew up with?  How would you like to revive your old Sega Genesis, SNES, NES, or Game Boy Advance? Well now you can! If you are like me, your ears probably perked up. I might not be able to navigate through the latest Ragnarok or Pandora’s Tower, but give me some SegaGenesis and I’ll rock the house. The best part about this

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Nikon 1 V2: The Perfect Camera For Sporting Events

Nikon 1 V2 is a mirror less camera that is compact and perfect to be carried around comfortably. An up-gradation of the Nikon J1, V2 comes with 14.2 MP sensor, that gives a better picture quality and has controls that are like a DSLR camera. The new design and sleek looks of Nikon V2 makes even an amateur photographer look and feel like a professional. It is ideal for any occasion, but works particularly well

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