What are Denial-of-Service Attacks?


By making websites and services unavailable, the Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks have become the visible symbols of hacking and cybercrime. Often targeting high profile companies and web servers, the hackers responsible can gain fame and notoriety, along with … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Google Play : Time to Collect some Goodies


When Google celebrates, its happy days for users. Google Play celebrates its birthday and you’re invited to the party. Google announced that its giving away stuff this entire week from its media and app store. The Google Play team looks to have teamed up with several game developers to include … [Read more...]

How to Dismiss the Windows 8 Log In Screen on Start Up


When Windows 7 was launched, Microsoft publicized how the operating system could take you to your desktop in a matter of minutes compared to previous operating systems making it far more productive than Windows Vista and Windows XP. All the good work that was done in Windows 7 was completely undone … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser Builds the Momentum to the Big Day

You know the old saying. The king is dead. Long live the King. Well, that sort of applies to the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. I’m not even sure I paid off my EMI on the Samsung Galaxy S3 I puchased, and here we are, on the threshold of another galaxy launch. Samsung, after denying all the rumors … [Read more...]