10 New Xbox Live Games Coming to the Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft recently held a press event to show off some new Xbox Live games that they plan to release this year. If you are an avid Xbox player, make sure you are on the lookout for some cool games to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace pretty soon. Here are 10 new Xbox Live games coming to the Windows … [Read more...]

How to Access Google Reader Feeds Offline


Google Reader is one of the most popular RSS feed aggregators in use today.  If you use Chrome to access your latest feeds, then here’s an even better way to read stories you subscribe to daily; Read them Offline! With the updated Google Chrome extension called MagicCube FeedStore, you can read your … [Read more...]

Windows 8 Panoramic Theme Now Available for Download


Following up with the announcement of the Windows 8 Customer Preview, the Windows team has been busy making available the Windows 8 panoramic theme for download. The beauty of panoramic themes is that they can extend a single image across dual monitors. However, there are two factors that you need … [Read more...]

How the New iPad Compares to the iPad 2


Now that Apple’s new iPad has finally launched, it’s time to see how it compares to its predecessor the iPad 2. As you may already know, with the release of the new iPad, the price of its predecessor has dropped by $100 to $399. But will you still be interested in buying the iPad 2 in favor of its … [Read more...]

The 3rd Generation iPad Launches with More Awesome Features


Apple fans…the new iPad is here! And with great features to top off an already amazing and innovative iPad 2. In his keynote address Tim Cook said that everyone was waiting to see who would launch a product to beat the iPad. And looks like Apple’s done it again, stepping way ahead of its competitors … [Read more...]