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Most Popular Calorie Counter Apps for iPhone

Lifestyle diseases have become a part of our life today as easy access to junk food and a sedentary work life have taken a toll on our health. Technology is trying to help us stay fit and conscious of our calorie intake with various fitness wearables … [Read More...]

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How to Backup Windows Phone 8 and Restore it

Buying a new smartphone is exciting and before long, you have it stocked up with pictures, videos, documents, customizations, wallpapers, and settings. But over a period of time, your phone may start to give trouble or you may consider upgrading to a … [Read More...]

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How to Import vCard Contacts to Outlook 2010

Outlook has a pretty good import functionality. If you wanted to import your Gmail contacts to Outlook, you could easily accomplish the task with a wizard. However, when it comes to importing contacts saved in vCards, its another story. The import … [Read More...]

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20 Must Have Windows 8 Themes for your PC

Routinely sitting in front of a PC, whether you are browsing or working can become monotonous and robotic. You can infuse a little life into your workspace by decking up your PC with various wallpapers and  themes. Sometimes it can be some random … [Read More...]

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iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Mini 3

Now that the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 have been launched, its time to take a quick comparative look at how these two models measure up against the previous models. While the iPad Air 2 promises to deliver faster and much improved performances … [Read More...]