Popular Media Player VLC is now Available for Windows 8

VLC for Windows 8 beta

VLC is a fantastic media player that plays just about every type of media format quite effortlessly. Windows 8 users who love using metro apps may have had to settle for less until now, but the good news is that metro VLC app is finally available for download from the Windows Store. However, the … [Read more...]

HP Launches A Low End 8 Inch Android Tablet HP 8

hp 8 fi

HP may have faltered on its tablet building initiative with the webOS Touchpad, but it is slowly working on building its Android based collection. With a few Slates behind it, the company has recently introduced a low cost Android tablet, the HP 8, without much fanfare and in this post we take a … [Read more...]

TaoMix is a Sound Mixer That Helps you Unwind

taomix fi

The sounds of silence may not echo in your halls, but sometimes should. If silence is not your thing for relaxation and soothing sounds are, TaoMix is just the right app that will set the mood from sounds you assemble into your own orchestra. Created by Sebastien Mourey, TaoMix is a sound mixer and … [Read more...]