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How YouTube Kids App Eases Parental Control Worries

With kids having free much more free access to the Internet these days, parental controls are becoming the need of the hour. Just as you can exercise parental controls when you hand over your iPhone to your little ones or when they use the Chrome browser on their PC, you can also make sure that your kids don’t end up watching X-rated stuff on YouTube. Google has just launched a child-friendly version of YouTube (called

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Sing N Share Karaoke App Review

Who doesn't love a good karaoke? Only trouble is...most times, we can never remember the lyrics to songs we want to sing to. And of course some light background music to back up our vocals will definitely be an added advantage. A karaoke app that is perfect for those times when we want all our favorite tunes and lyrics available in one location; one with all the right prompts to help us belt out those

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Automate Tasks, Save Time and Be Productive with IFTTT Do Apps

If This Then That popularly known as IFTTT (pronounced like gift without the g sound) is a popular web service that has been around since 2011. The tool has been making headlines recently with a name change to IF and has released a new set of apps called Do that should help users cook up some useful action items on their mobile to automate tasks. For anyone who has not used the service, this is

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Month: The Calendar Widget App Review

Smartphones are simply the best. They add value to every minute of your day and help you organize your day... everyday without stress, but only if you have a collection of great apps at your beck and call. And there are plenty of such apps on the Play Store. Today. I’m going to be showing off one such app called Month: The Calendar Widget, which is a beautiful calendar widget that you can add to

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How to Check Data Usage from iOS 8 Notification Center

iPhone and iPad users are starting to reap the benefits of the Notification Center on their iOS 8 devices. The introduction of widgets on iOS 8 has now made it possible to do a number of things without navigating to various apps every time something needed to be checked; such as game scores or the weather report. We previously covered 23 awesome widgets that you could add to your iOS 8 notification center to stay