Pandora Radio App for iPad – Review

If you’re hunting for free music apps on your iPad, Pandora Radio app will not disappoint. Already a huge hit on a number of platforms, the iPad app works like a charm. If you’re an indie music lover, then Pandora is a must have. In this post, we take a look at how the Pandora radio app works on the iPad and if the free version of the app is something worth downloading.

Pandora Radio App: Free or paid version?

This is a question that many music lovers will face in time. With the free version, you get to skip only 6 songs per hour on any given station. Add to that, banner ads that are an eyesore and the free version will soon become frustrating to look at. Also, the 40 hours of music per month ceiling can be a huge deterrent for hardcore listeners.

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On the other hand, for $36 a year you get access to Pandora One. Unlimited listening and the absence of banner ads make this a good investment. The quality of audio tracks is also much better with the paid version of the Pandora app for iPad. The hourly 6 song skip is not present for Pandora One users.

Song recommendations

One of the main reasons why Pandora is the first choice for many iPad users is because of its Music Genome Project-powered song recommendation engine. Once you’ve selected a few favorite artists or tracks, the app creates a custom station that plays music based on your preferences. This is a great way of discovering new music from your genre.

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The navigation bar gives you songs that you should click ‘like’ on; this will further help streamline your recommendations from Pandora. Users have a lot of good things to say about Pandora’s recommendations that have an uncanny ability to bring up tracks that you never knew about, but love instantly.

The Pandora Interface

Depending on user preferences, the user interface of Pandora’s iPad app is hit or miss. For many, the ultra-basic homescreen of the app is a refreshing change as it helps you navigate stations without any complexities. However, many are not impressed by it. The ‘plain-Jane’ approach doesn’t always work wonders, especially when it’s a music streaming app.

Using Pandora on your iPad

Once you sign in, the app allows you to type in a song or an artist you enjoy listening to. This helps in creating your custom station. For example, typing in ‘Mumford and Sons’ will see your station fill up with folksy independent bands with a raw country rock sound.

What does Pandora not have?

If you’re looking for indie album reviews and lyrics while a track is playing, then you will be left disappointed. There are also no in-app volume controls implying that you have to tweak your iPad sound settings whenever required.

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Streaming success on Pandora

Whether you’re at work or home, streaming music is not too hard and the results are quite satisfying. Audio quality is up there with the best, but be prepared for visual and audio ads that are interspersed with tracks.

All in all, the Pandora app for iPad is not a bad addition to your device. The free version might be a little frustrating, but its song recommendations will make it a personal favorite in no time.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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