How to Prevent Chrome Shockwave Flash Crashes

If you are a regular Chrome user, you may have noticed your Shockwave Flash crashing every now and again preventing you from viewing something that caught your eye. The reason is that you may be having two versions of Flash running on your PC simultaneously. How come you ask?

Well, Chrome comes preinstalled with its own version of Flash while the other one may get added when you download and install applications that come with bundled software, such as Adobe. You can resolve the Shockwave Flash crash by simply turning off one of the players and in this quick tutorial, we will show you how to do just that.

How to Prevent Chrome Shockwave Flash Crashes

1. On your Chrome address bar, type chrome://plugins and press Enter.

2. The Chrome Plug-in page will be displayed. Look out for the Adobe Flash Player plugin. If you have two flash players you will notice that the plugin displays it within brackets as seen in this image.

Chrome Shockwave Flash plugin

3. At the far right corner of the browser window, click the Details button. This will display details such as the name, version, location and type of the installed plugin.

shockwave flash plugin details

Take a look at the location link. If Chrome has installed the plugin, then the location will indicate that the plugin is located in the App Data Chrome folder. The plugin that came in with Adobe will be stored in the Windows folder, the path will read something like this:


In the image above, the first location link indicates that it’s the built-in version of the plugin.

4. Click the Disable link below any one of the .dll files. It doesn’t really matter which one you disable, just disable any one.

disable flash plugin

That should solve your problem. However if the problem still persists, you can do one of two things: uninstall and reinstall Flash or disable some extensions and see if that works.

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