How to Prevent Firefox Tabs Opening in New Window

Tabs are a great way to organize several windows within a single window. Most popular browsers allow users to open a number of windows as tabs, within one window and Firefox is no exception. Except that some users may have encountered issues with opening a new tab within the same window. If you have one such problem, here’s how you can prevent Firefox tabs opening in new window.

How to Prevent Firefox Tabs Opening in New Window

The answer is most likely that there is a conflict with a Firefox add-on. Simply disable all Firefox add-ons and then close and reopen Firefox.

A quicker way to do this is to start Firefox in Safe Mode.

From the Help Menu, choose Restart with Add-ons Disabled.

How to Prevent Firefox Tabs Opening in New Window

The Firefox window will now open with add-ons disabled. You should now be able to open tabs in the same window. You can now test which add-on created the trouble. Just enable each add-on one by one, and restart Firefox. Once you identify the culprit, just remove the add-on. Hopefully, you will find an alternative that does not cause the issue to repeat again.

Firefox Tabs : Tips

firefox tabs

Here are a few additional tips that will help you manage your Firefox tabs better.

  • You can customize your tab settings by navigating to Tools->Options and choosing  the Tabs option. Here you can choose whether to open new windows as tabs, or switch to a newly opened tab as soon as you click the link, set the tab bar to be always on and so on.
  • You can set several tabs to open up when you launch Firefox. First open up all the websites you want to open in a single window. Then head over to Tools->Options and in the General Tab, click Use Current Pages.
  • To bookmark all open tabs at one go, simply use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D.

Hope these little tips and fixes in using Firefox Tabs help you improve your browsing experience in Firefox.

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