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How to Prevent Google Plus Users from Emailing You on Gmail

Google’s decision to connect Google Plus with Gmail has just set off the company on the wrong side of many of its users. The reason being that anyone using both Gmail and Google Plus services may find themselves at the receiving end of unwanted email from any Google Plus user, even if the email address is not shared. While Google has certainly ticked off many people, it has also left an option for users to opt out of it. Here’s how you prevent Google Plus users from emailing you on Gmail.

How to Prevent Google Plus Users from Emailing You on Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account. Click the Settings button( the cog wheel) on the top right of the account and choose Settings.

gmail settings

2. Scroll down to the Email via Google+ field. You will notice that the text field displays Anyone on Google +. Click the drop-down arrow in the box and choose No one.

email via Google Plus

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.

One good thing about this new feature is that Google Plus users who are not in your circle can only email you once and you will have to provide express permissions for them to continue emailing you. However, it is still unfortunate that the option to email any Gmail user from Google Plus has been enabled by default.

However, if this is one feature you like or don’t mind using at all, you can set the option to Circles or Extended Circles instead of No One. I guess Google may have earned a bit of goodwill by leaving the default option to No One or at least Circles, but it could be that they feared the feature would end up in a state of zombie existence if users were really given the choice.

Have you changed your email via Google + settings yet? If not, do so right away and save yourself the hassle of being bombarded by email messages you don’t want to receive.

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    • Thomas January 16, 2014, 10:09 pm

      Hi Adeline
      I just followed this guide to make sure only that only people in my circle can send e-mail to my G-Mail account. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I will share this post in a minute :-)

      • Adeline January 21, 2014, 9:15 am

        Hi Thomas,

        Thank You! Glad it was of help to you :)