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Remove Facebook Ads and More on Your Chrome Browser Using Facebook Clear

Facebook is a fun site to catch up with friends, play games, show your creative side, and build a social network. Although you may enjoy viewing  the happenings of people you know or like on your page, it’s not much fun if your page is cluttered with Sponsored Ads, Recommendations and other unwanted stuff. In previous posts, I have discussed how to remove Facebook ads and such unwanted stuff using tools like Minimalist for Facebook, and FFixer for Firefox. If you access Facebook on your Chrome Browser, you can use the Facebook Clear app to help you de-clutter your Facebook page.

Remove Facebook Ads and More on Your Chrome Browser Using Facebook Clear

Facebook  Clear is a pretty straightforward app. Just instill it on your Chrome Browser, and it simply wipes off the right panel of your Facebook page. However, it does not allow you to choose or customize the items you want removed. So, you will simply have to live without your friends pokes and miss out on upcoming events, ( although you can see them in your notification area). But on the bright side, you can some additional good features including:

  • Pinning the Navigation bar to the top to make it accessible even when you scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Improved picture effects and photo viewing functionality using CSS3
  • Photo thumbnails are given a cool rounded effect

and my favorite,

  • Elimination of ads

Overall, it’s a simple application that gets the job done, and gives you the satisfaction of viewing a clean, quicker loading page.

Now you can turn your attention to what matters most: Your Friends, Your Space, Your Page.

If you want to give Facebook Clear a try, you can download the extension here.

Download Facebook Clear

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