Help Children Learn New Skills with Duh Color Stuff App

If you’ve been searching for an app that helps teach kids how to read, how to absorb maximum value from a story and how to solve problems, look no further. Creator Guy Shannon has tweaked his beloved Duh Color Stuff to the point that makes parents want to deep dive and engage immediately.

We take a look at the features of the app that kids will love to check out!

Duh Color Stuff App Review

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What is Duh Color Stuff? It’s an app that presents a storyline that kids can read on their own, if they know how to, or be read to; but, that’s not all. The storyline plays as the foundation to the myriad of skill building exercises kids will engage in as they navigate their way through the plotline, trying to figure out a who-dunnit, while learning how to solve problems.

The app unfolds as a mystery, and the main characters are the Neighborhood Watch Kids, of which you are one. You select the character you want to be, and there are five to choose from. Your mission is to keep the neighborhood safe, noting anything that doesn’t look right or is out of place. Using these small clues, you lead yourself through the story, making it your very own. No two stories will unfold in the same way, because you get to choose how yours will play out. That is the beauty of this app!

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The choices that are made not only apply to the mystery, but to life in general. The skills that kids will pick up are skills that they will need as they grow more independent and are exposed to more. The app also shows how the different characters react to the different types of choices that are made.

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Consequences of choices are never drastic, so kids never develop a fear of making a decision, which is another important life skill. The worst that can happen in this app is that the story ends. Once that happens, kids can just restart and give it another go.

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The illustrations are bright and vivid, attracting and retaining attention so easily. The maneuverability within the app is easy and straightforward. Younger users who cannot read will be narrated to and the pages will flow automatically. For older kids who will be reading the pages, they will have control of paging, so they can easily move forward or backward as needed. They also interact and engage with the plot more intensely.

For both types of readers, there is a myriad of games and puzzles that break up the storyline and make the app two treats in one. The games themselves also help to build strong problem –solving skills, as well.

The only downside to the game is the decision making tree that underlies its plotline. At times, I have seen the story take a turn backwards to a decision that the reader has already answered which, understandably so, can get frustrating. The logistics should point the flow of the story forward and not repeat already answered questions.

Aside from that, this app is a definite download, costing just a bit, while delivering a whole lot.

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