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Social Media: Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Ads and More Using Minimalist

Facebook has undergone quite a bit of change since its launch. Open up your Facebook home page and you’ll find that its cluttered with stuff like “People You May Know”, “Sponsored Ads” “Recommended” and more. In my opinion, your Facebook page is your personal space, and you should be free to decorate it as you please. So, if you’d like to clean up your Facebook page and get rid of annoying Facebook ads, you can use a neat little tool called Minimalist for Facebook, which is currently in beta.

Minimalist for Facebook : Pluses

Allows you to:

1. Hide the footer.

2. Apply theme colors such as the background and accent color.

change accent color

3. Hide the logo, friend requests, messages, search, profile and notifications.

4. Hide the navigation settings, sidebar settings, newsfeed, and more.

5. Import and export Facebook settings.

6. Disable Ads.

7. Instantly preview changes.


Minimalist for Facebook :Minuses

Works only on Google Chrome.

How to Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Ads Using Minimalist

1. Look for the Minimalist for Facebook extension in the chrome web store.

2. Click Install.

install minimalist

3. In the configuration window, check or uncheck the options as required.

Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Ads

4. Refresh your Facebook page to see the changes applied.


With over 12,000 users and about 12,350 weekly installs, this is one of the best extensions to declutter your Facebook page.

Have you used Minimalistic for Facebook yet? Let us know which Minimalist settings you prefer to use.

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