Social Media: How to Export Facebook Page Updates to Twitter from Within Facebook

With so many social media profile around, it may become annoying to have to log in to each social account to share your blog posts with your social networking followers. You can now link your Facebook page to your Twitter account so that you can export Facebook page updates to twitter from within Facebook and save yourself valuable time in performing repetitive tasks on different networks.

How to Export Facebook Page Updates to Twitter

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Sync your Facebook page to your Twitter account.

3. Click the Link a Page to Twitter button.

link facebook updates to twitter

4. Select the page you want to link to Twitter (if you have more than one page.)

link to twitter

5. Allow Facebook access on Twitter.

twitter permissions

6. In the Link Your Pages to Twitter page, uncheck the items you don’t want linked and click Save Changes.

How to Export Facebook Page Updates to Twitter

Now that you’ve automated this task, you can just sit back and relax or check some of those long pending email messages!!!

Have you linked your Facebook page to Twitter yet??


  1. BrynnBrynn says


    Thanks so much for posting this. I usually find everything I need via Google very quickly, but this Fb / Twitter Feed stumped me. Perhaps, I was just over thinking it. Anyhow, big thank you!



  2. NJNJ says

    I linked my notes to twitter and made my notes import from my blog feed but imported notes never show up on twitter?