Social Media: How to Forward a Facebook Message

If you have upgraded to the new messaging feature in Facebook, you will find that all conversations, text and email messages from a single contact are combined and displayed in a user’s conversation profile. With email being integrated into the messaging feature, you can now forward specific conversations to other users. In this Facebook tutorial, you will learn how to forward a Facebook message.

How to Forward a Facebook Message

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Ensure that you have upgraded to the new Facebook Messages feature.

3. Navigate to the Facebook messages page.

facebook messages page

4. Open up a conversation. Click a contact name to open the conversation.

5. At the top-right of the conversation page, click Actions and choose Forward.

forward facebook message

6. Check boxes will appear next to each message in the conversation. Check the individual messages that you want to forward and click Forward.

forward individual facebook messages

7. In the Forward Message dialog box, enter the email address of the recipient, (You can send this message to any valid email address. It is not restricted to Facebook email addresses) type the message and click Send.

How to Forward a Facebook Message

With the new messaging service from Facebook, forwarding messages and conversations is simple and easy.

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