Solitairica a Fun RPG Solitaire Mashup is Now on IOS

Solitaire has been around for a pretty long time. Yet, its an irresistibly delightful game that we can play for hours to kill away the lonely hours. Now, thanks to Righteous Hammer Games Inc. a solitaire inspired game has landed on iOS, which is a whole lot more fun and engaging. Its called Solitairica and its a fun mashup of Solitaire with RPG combat and roguelike. Price: $3.99.

Solitairica Gameplay

Solitairica Encounter

Solitairica is set in the beautiful kingdom of Myrroid where an evil Emperor Stuck has sent his armies and stolen all the hearts rendering the land heartless. You play the last warrior standing against the emperor who must recover and restore the hearts and save the world from heartless ruination.

You need to get to the castle to accomplish your task and that’s where the game gets you going. You’ll have to defeat a myriad of enemies through solitaire in turn based battles. Along the way, you’ll also need to pick up 4 energies – Attack, Defense, Agility, and Willpower needed to help you defeat your enemies.

Solitairica Attacks

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Since enemies come with their own unique powers, you’ll need to plan well ahead how you’ll deal with them. The fun part is that each run the game is different giving you completely new experiences every time you play. And since you’ll start all over again when you die, you’re only bound to get better with each play.

As for the actual gameplay, you will draw your card and then if you have a card that is one higher or lower to the one on the stack, you will add to it, just like you do in solitaire. Once all the cards are eliminated, you win. If there are no matches, its the enemies turn to draw a card from their own set of cards.

Solitairica Deck

All cards are colored differently and helps you identify their core powers. Orange is for attack, blue is for defense, green indicates agility while purple is for willpower. As you keep stacking the cards, you’ll be hoarding that card’s energy and when the energy meter hits full, you’ll be able to use the spells lined up at the bottom of the screen.

Spells are pretty cool stuff that help you get rid of unwanted cards, set up shields to protect your health, take a sneak peek at your next card, and even heal yourself.

When you complete a stage, you earn coins, which you can use to shop for new spells and items that will help you in battles. Your character can have up to four items, and have a maximum of six spells in battle.

Solitairica Death

Solitairica gets progressively difficult as you inch your way closer to the castle. But its also got a ton of upgrades, enemies and randomly generated levels that keep the battles refreshing offering great replay value.

The other aspects in Solitairica are also equally great. The graphics for instance, are eye popping, with a touch of hand drawn cartoonish style adding to its beauty. The beautiful contrast of colors and smooth animations bring to life the characters and avatars and make them delightfully stand out on the screen.

In all, whether you’re a fan of card games or RPG, you’ll find great game value in Solitairica. The App Store reviews are great as well, so if you’ve got about 4 bucks to spare this week, this one is worth spending money on!

Check out the trailer and click the link below it to download the game.

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