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There are thousands of applications available worldwide. Is your product getting the attention it deserves? You can’t miss out on a good opportunity to market your product. TheAppTimes will help you get your product noticed and tell the world about the awesome product YOU worked hard to create.

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We believe in showing our readers EXACTLY what your product delivers. If you wish to have your web app or product reviewed, its going to cost you.

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For a paid review, you can get a full-length review of your product with screenshots, top feature highlights, pricing, back links and social media promotion.

If you do not have a fully functional free trial, you need to provide us with a review copy. Plus, a very affordable price of $100.

Currently, payments are accepted only via PayPal.

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If you want your Android or iPhone app reviewed, it costs you only $50.

Customer Testimonials

Take a look at some of our customer testimonials.

Awesome! Thanks for taking a look at Privately! The app is still in its infancy and is being developed actively, so getting feedback is critical to me and sites like The App Times are invaluable for getting that feedback.~Les Hill (PrivatelyApp)

Wow – what a comprehensive review! :) Thanks for taking the time to check it out!.~Allison Massie (LucidChart)

I could tell that Eddie Gear had at least spent some time digging around in Invoicera by his overview — complete with screenshots and some commentary — shared in his tech blog, The App Times.

Had I quit looking before discovering Eddie’s write-up, I would have lost out on million-dollar customer service and would have never heard the words of real users who share their experiences with this productive small business web tool.~Vernessa Taylor (Reader & Blogger)

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Disclaimer: Please not that we will do our best to accept your products for review, but due to certain constraints, we may have to say No to some of you.