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How to Connect Your Samsung Smartphone to Windows 10


Today, its becoming more and more easy to cast your smartphone screen to other devices. For example with Google Chromecast, you can project what’s happening on your Android smartphone or tablet to a monitor or TV. Similarly, you can cast your Android or iOS screen to your Windows PC using apps like Reflector. If you […]

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  • Updated January 18, 2017
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Fun Free Android Apps That Will Blow Your Mind


The Android App Market is catching up with the iPhone App Store in terms of variety and quality. The iPhone certainly has many wonderful apps, but Android has gotten good over the years. If you’ve only just picked up an Android, here is my list of the coolest free Android apps that will blow your […]

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NetHunt CRM for Gmail Now on Android

NetHunt CRM, which is a smart inbox for Gmail and Google Apps has launched a native app for Android called NetHunt CRM for Gmail. The app is designed to help salespeople and business owners manage customer interactions on-the-go and have access to all customer data for making informed business decisions. Features of NetHunt CRM for […]

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Monitor your Android Performance with Memory Booster

memory booster app

Performance is one of the key elements that makes the Android phone a very interesting prospect to own. Hence it is vital to ensure that your phone stays on top gear no matter what activity you are engaged in. Oftentimes we tend to play around with the phone, tweaking what is important and downplaying whatever […]

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