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Hero Legends – Enter a Fantasy RPG World To Restore Peace or Create Chaos

Who doesn’t love a neat little role play game? RPG games give players a chance to enter fantasy worlds where they can mimic the role of a superhero and fight the most dangerous enemies. Hero legends is one such game where the player along with other heroes in their army fight others for victory and glory.

The fascinating part is that the battle in this game is between “Order” and “Chaos” which means the result of the battle would either lead to “peace and order” or “mess and chaos” in the world.

Hot Android and iOS Games of the Week – Week 1 Feb 2017

Want to catch up on all the best games that landed on the App Store and Google Play this week? Check out Hot This Week our weekly roundup of the hot Android and iOS games of the week to play on your smartphone. We’ve got an RPG, a couple of platformers, a roguelike dungeon crawler and a beautiful point and click adventure game for you in this episode. You can catch the video on our YouTube channel or read the transcript below.

Gladiator Bastards is an Arcade Game That Will Keep You Occupied for Hours

If you are a lover of arcade games where you like showing off your skills to your opponent or raving about your skills and achievement to your friends on social media, whatever your intention maybe, Gladiator Bastards is one such gaming app that will keep you occupied for hours focused on winning the opponents and accomplishing the achievements waiting in store to become the Emperor.

Maxines Snack Attack Brings Fun Match 3 Challenges to iOS & Android

Hallmark’s beloved, yet cranky character Maxine comes to mobile in the fun food themed three match puzzle game Maxines Snack Attack. If you’re in the mood for some food matching action and wisecrack anecdotes from Maxine herself, unwind with the game. Here are some more details. Maxines Snack Attack Features and Gameplay Typical of all match three puzzlers, this one features a board full of mouthwatering delicacies. You need to match 3 or more foods by dragging across the items. Lines can be drawn horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The longer you extend your food match, the better. If you match 6 or more items you create some special powerup tiles. Matching the special tiles will enable you to wipe off rows and columns of food and help you reach your goal faster. As you make your way through the different levels you can collect boosts and gold coins. These resources…

Eisenhorn Xenos is Now Available on Android

Dan Abnett’s award winning Eisenhorn’ trilogy comes to life on Android in Pixel Hero Game’s stunning third person adventure game Eisenhorn Xenos. The game received rave reviews when it launched on the App Store and now Android gamers can enjoy unraveling the mystery for $5.99. (Discounted for a short time for $4). Eisenhorn Xenos Features and Gameplay Eisenhorn Xenos is set in the grim, dark future of Warhammer 40,000. You play the Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor whose job is to protect the Imperium of man. The Inquisition is a group of secret avengers in the Imperium who move in the shadows amongst humans striking down heretics and enemies with complete ruthlessness. The main objective in the game is to recover a supremely powerful arcane text from  an ancient tome known as the Necroteuch. To that end, players explore the vast gothic Warhammer 40K universe n full 3D. Players can make…

Trace a Family Tree in Creepy Point and Click Adventure Rusty Lake Roots

Point and click adventure fans, get ready to lap up the latest premium title from Rusty Lake. Its called Rusty Lake Roots and it explores the tree of life of a family in a unique and captivating way. About the Game Rusty Lake Roots You play James Vanderboom a lucky guy who has inherited a lovely house in the country. The whole game is woven around a seed that is sowed in his garden. The seed turns into a tree of life that you will explore the story of a family in small chunks or snippets of their life. The story is kind-a creepy and suspenseful with hidden secrets waiting to be unraveled. There are points in the game that are puzzling and with no hint system to guide your progress, you spend a lot of time figuring things your own way. But that’s not a bad thing though as…

The Bug Butcher an Alien Blasting Shmup is Out Now

Catch a break from all the hectic work of the day with this alien blasting Shmup The Bug Butcher. It is an action packed 2D side scrolling shooter that has you playing a bug terminator Harry. The game is now available on iOS, Android and Xbox One. All About The Bug Butcher You are Harry, a persistently good terminator who is called to a research facility on planet Zoit. Your job is to decimate an alien bug infestation, which has left very few scientists alive. You must not only survive the contamination but also decontaminate the building successfully. That’s a job easier said than done. In the process of annihilating these creatures, you pick up coins, which can be used to upgrade your weaponry and get yourself some useful perks. The action in the game itself is relentlessly chaotic with the aliens splitting into smaller beings and infesting the entire…

Shuffle Cats – Enjoy Rummy with Cute Cats and Global Players on iOS and Android

King, makers of the popular match 3 game Candy Crush Saga is out with their newest title that full of cute little cats and some classy card play to boot. The game is called Shuffle Cats and it its set on the rooftops of 1920’s London club scene. Montie, the cutie is your guide at the start of the game, introducing you to all the rules of the game. Then you’re on your own, playing rummy with players from around the world and earning points. Shuffle Cats – Game Play The rules of the game are simple. You select a card from the stock pile to begin a turn. With your cards, you now try to get a run or set of cards. Then you can discard a useless card from your set to finish your move. Its the tur of your opponent now. Each time you play a card,…

Dan the Man a Classic Brawler Platformer Now on iOS and Android

From the creators of the wildly popular Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes a brand new retro platformer oozing with style. The game is called Dan the Man and if you enjoy punching out bad guys to alleviate  your stress, this one will have you covered. Price: Free with a ton of IAPs. Dan the Man Gameplay and Features In a brawler game, you don’t really need a story to start punching the daylights out of the baddies. But if you want one, Dan the Man’s got its own yarn. An evil organization has emerged from the shadows and is threatening to take over your village. Worse still, your girlfriend Josie’s life is on the line as the gang has taken her hostage. Its time to man up and punch and kick out the evil gang across 12 badass levels of non stop action. The story  develops over…

Shadow Bug Rush is Your Hack ‘n’ Slash Game of the Week

Shadow Bug the slick platformer game that launched at the beginning of the year has a successor. Shadow Bug Rush. Its better than the original and there’s endless levels of unlimited play to enjoy now. If you’re looking for a fast paced game to keep your mind sharp this week, this one’s a definite recommend. Price: Free with IAPs. Shadow Bug Rush Gameplay and Features You may be a great Ninja hero, but your job to save your home forest from the evil factory is not done yet. There ae more monsters than ever attacking your home. Which means, you need to keep your fingers well exercised and ready to swipe, slice and finish off the never ending stream of trouble headed your way. Shadow Bug Rush brings new monsters and traps that you can unlock by upgrading the game worlds. As with the previous game, collect loot, power ups,…