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Ocean Hunt : An Addictive Arcade Game for Android

ocean hunt fi

Ocean Hunt by app developer Won-O-Soft is an addictive arcade game where players turn into hunters in an underwater environment. It is fast-paced, features catchy tunes, poses a lot of challenges at every turn and, no doubt about it, provides hours of fun. The game play is relatively easy to learn and it won’t be […]

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5 Twitter App Alternatives for your Android

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If Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms that you engage in, you most likely already have the official version on your Android smartphone as well. Although the official app is good, it is not the most intuitive one around and having used it and then gravitated to other third party applications, […]

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How to Track Your Lost Android Smartphone

How to Track Your Lost Android Smartphone - tfi

iPhone users have long been familiar with the Find my iPhone feature which enables owners of the phone to track their devices if they happened to misplace it or if it was stolen. Android users were long without such a feature but with the introduction of the Android Device Manager that grouse has been assuaged. […]

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  • Updated February 1, 2017
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Top Android and iOS Games to Play This Week

The New Year started off on a bright note for smartphone gamers with plenty of fantastic games making their way onto Android and iOS platforms. In this post, we take a look at the some of the recent releases that you are sure to enjoy playing. Top Android and iOS Games to Play This Week […]

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5 iOS and Android Games to Play this Weekend

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A new year has arrived and mobile game developers have been a busy lot, releasing fresh new games on the App Store and on the Play Store for us to start enjoying right away. We take a look at some of the interesting games that launched this year and are worth checking out this weekend. […]

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10 Best Free Alternatives to Paid Android Apps

There are often free alternatives to paid apps, as there are a lot of Android apps out there so there are bound to be repeats. There are also three apps on this list that have a free version of their own app. Here are the ten best free alternatives to the most used paid Android […]

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