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Protect Your Phone with AVG AntiVirus

Protect Your Phone with AVG AntiVirus – tfi

This new app is breaking barriers. Now, you can protect your phone from malicious viruses, just like you protect your personal computer at home. Your phone will run better with the virus detector and cleaner, and last longer. The AVG AntiVirus app will shield your phone and tablet from harmful malware, scam ware, text messages, […]

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360 Security – Antivirus Boost Android App Review

360 security fi

Malware is a scourge not just on desktop platforms but also on Android smartphones and tablets. Thankfully there are a number of antivirus apps for Android that have grown in number and features to take on the menace of malware. One such app in question is 360 Security – Antivirus Boost and today, we take […]

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5 Powerful Antivirus Solutions for Windows 8

Windows 8 claims to have stronger security features compared to its previous versions. Family safety settings, phishing filter, and Windows Defender are just some of the safety and security measures you’ll find in Windows 8. But does Windows 8 come with antivirus software? Well, Windows Defender, the replacement for Microsoft Security essentials, comes with antivirus […]

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New Features of Avast Free Antivirus 8 Software

Avast’s popular antivirus software is used by individuals and businesses all over the world and there’s no denying its effectiveness and reliability in fighting spyware, malware and other viruses that plague computer users. Avast has now launched its latest edition of the antivirus program, called Avast Antivirus 8. Avast 8 comes in 4 variations, Avast […]

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Top 5 Antivirus Software for Smartphones

As the popularity of the smartphone increases, the evil intruder’s eye falls on the huge market that’s available for destruction. In this context, antivirus software for smartphones gain significance. A lot of antivirus software is readily available in the market for smartphone security. And you can select  one that suits your smartphone. Let’s take a […]

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Does the Apple Mac Need Antivirus Protection?

The Mac operating systems have often been said to be the safest ones in the world. They are also thought to be more intelligent and smarter than the regular Windows. This is not actually an assumption, but a real fact. Judging by most tests and results, there are no doubts that the Mac OS represents […]

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