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Four Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solution

You are witnessing an incremental adoption of cloud wherein start-ups and SMBs (small and medium business) alike deploy a public, private or hybrid cloud solution to accelerate daily IT operations and meet the demands of the customers. The three cloud solutions are packed with a diverse range of features and functionalities; each has its strengths […]

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How to Implement a Hybrid Cloud Solution

The hybrid approach to cloud computing is preferred by many businesses, since it allows them to benefit from the scalability and power of the public cloud while still getting the security benefits and control of a private cloud. Of course, the actual process of implementing a hybrid cloud solution can be somewhat difficult, particularly if […]

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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A Guide to Hybrid Drives

Unlike traditional hard disk drives or modern solid state drives, Hybrid drives uses non volatile flash memory along with higher capacity in order to improve the read/write speed of computer system. The main idea behind invention of hybrid drives is to let the users take advantages of large drive capacity and faster speed at the […]

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Computers: Machines or Hybrid Beings?

Not only do people expect computers to follow many of the rules of social interaction, but the reverse is also true; they frequently treat computers as if they were social beings, despite being fully aware that they are not. For example, people poured their hearts out to ELIZA, the computer program that mimicked a Rogation […]

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