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TooFar Media Offers a Story Experience Like No Other [App Review]

Reading a book is an experience that has evolved with the changing world of technology and graphics. What was once an interlude between the eyes, paper and one’s imagination has now transcended paper pages. Rich Shapero’s TooFar Media Immersive Story Experiences is one such example of how technology has expanded on storytelling. TooFar Media delivers this in a way that captures the imagination through experiential immersion. Here’s a little more about the app.

Along the Edge is a Supernatural Thriller for Your iPad

If you love interactive graphic novels that play out like games, there’s an interesting new title that’s out for iPad devices that you will definitely enjoy playing. Its called Along the Edge and it is set in a European countryside that has a leaning towards the occult. Like most gamebook adventures, the choices that you make in the game have an impact on how the story unfolds. Along the Edge Gameplay The main protagonist of Along the Edge is Daphné. She’s fed up with her personal and professional life and is desperate for a change. Fate intervenes when she inherits an old family home in a remote part of the country from her estranged grandmother. She jumps at the opportunity to start afresh but once she settles down, she begins to see a darker side to the quiet village. The game has plenty of content to plough through, with 6…

Must Have iPad Productivity Apps to Work Like a Pro on the Go

Today, we are no longer confined to desktops at the workplace. The emergence of laptops and tablets mean that we can carry our work with us even while on the go. The iPad for one is a device that can be relied upon to perform various business oriented tasks, but only if you have the right apps to help you out. In this post, we’ll share with you some handy iPad productivity apps that will have you working like a pro. Must Have iPad Productivity Apps PDF Max 4 Pro – Read, Annotate, Sign, Fill Forms & Edit PDFs If you have to do a lot of reading, annotating, or signing of PDF documents on your iPad, PDF Max 4 Pro is an app that you should check out. It allows you to skim through large PDF documents with ease, open documents in multiple tabs and make use of the…