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Monitor Kids’ Smartphone or Tablet with Powerful Pumpic App

We take a look at the powerful Pumpic app that aims to help parents keep kids safe from dangerous online predators & unsafe activities like cyber bullying & sexting.

For every parent, ensuring the safety of his or her children is a basic instinct. The thing is, over the last decade or two the world has changed so greatly in terms of technology that parents now must protect their children not only physically (offline) but also digitally (online). Modern kids and teens don’t know life without the Internet and spend the vast majority of their free time – communicating, socializing, playing, and studying online.

How YouTube Kids App Eases Parental Control Worries

With kids having free much more free access to the Internet these days, parental controls are becoming the need of the hour. Just as you can exercise parental controls when you hand over your iPhone to your little ones or when they use the Chrome browser on their PC, you can also make sure that your kids don’t end up watching X-rated stuff on YouTube. Google has just launched a child-friendly version of YouTube (called the YouTube Kids App ) which has all the right built-in content filter options that will deliver what’s best for the youngsters. Parents are only left with the job of controlling how much time the kids spend on the channel and if they can search for videos. In this post, we take an closer look at how parental controls work in YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids App and Parental Controls RELATED READING : Two Securities To…

Monitor Kids Browsing with Chrome’s Supervised User Account

Google’s latest browser update, Chrome 32 has brought in some handy new improvements to the browser. One feature that I particularly like is Tab Indicators, the one that indicates when a “noisy tab” suddenly starts playing a video or music (by displaying a small speaker icon in the tab). However, in this post, I want to talk about one other feature that should come in handy when you’ve got the kids operating the PC. Its called Supervised Users and its currently in beta. Basically what you do in this feature is create a supervised user account for your child, monitor the child’s browsing history (if need be), block web sites that you don’t want your child to visit and manage permissions for such blocked websites. Monitoring your child’s activity is certainly not the most pleasant task, but a little supervision goes a long way in protecting your child. Here’s how…