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How to Set Hourly Reminders on Your Windows 8 PC

Have you ever had the need to setup hourly reminders to do certain tasks on a regular basis? Like for instance, setting up an hourly reminder to tell yourself to get out of your work cubicle and stretch your muscles, or set an alarm every few hours or so to check the status or progress […]

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  • Updated January 25, 2017

Web App: How to Schedule Gmail Messages and Set Gmail Reminders

If you use Gmail as your mail client, then you will find that its quite tedious to schedule email and set reminders for yourself. You could always use the services of external apps such as NudgeMail, but what if you had an extension that does the work for you. Well, that’s what Boomerang for Gmail […]

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  • Updated December 26, 2015

NudgeMail: Send Yourself Reminders by Email

In today’s multi-tasking environment, managing a whole lot of tasks might become hectic, and chaotic. All of us, may at some point of time, have wished there was a simple way we could organize and keep track of our tasks. If you are managing a business that involves continuous correspondence and follow-up with clients, having […]

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  • Updated December 27, 2015