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Nvidia Shield Tablet Set to Offer the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Twitch Integration

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If you’re a hard core gamer looking for the next best thing to enhance your gameplay, how about an Nvidia Shield Tablet? The latest launch by the company is an 8 inch Android tablet that promises to deliver the perfect combination of power, portability, and performance. The company also launched a few accessories including a wireless controller […]

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Laptop Or Tablet? How To Decide Which Is Best For You

If you’re thinking of buying a portable computer, then there’s one big question you’ll need to ask yourself first – whether you want a laptop or tablet device. Sure, there are a few other portable devices (netbooks spring to mind here), but these two are by far the most popular on the market. While tablets […]

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Cool Ways To Customize Your Tablet

Tablets are not just convenient to use in that they are light and portable, can be used for downloading apps and so on. They are also something that you can customize to suit your own personal needs, habits, tastes and preferences. In this article we shall look at some of the most interesting ways in […]

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Nokia Launches its First Tablet, the Lumia 2520

Nokia, which has been struggling to find its foot in the ruthless world dominated by top of the class smartphones and tablets  has launched its first tablet the Lumia 2520. It’s certainly not a name that will roll off your tongue and its quite hard to understand why the company keeps going for device names […]

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4 Tips for Creating a Tablet Security Policy for Your Business

Tablet computers and related mobile devices are becoming excellent enterprise resources, allowing employees flexibility and interactive features that benefit workflow, brainstorming, and widespread collaboration. But businesses owners widely recognize that tablets and smartphones also have their flaws, particularly in security. Mobile devices based on apps and wireless connections are especially vulnerable to data theft. Prevent […]

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Choosing a Tablet PC? Keep these Tips in Mind

The market for the tablet PC is growing ever since the advent of the Apple iPad in 2010. Although the iPad was not the first ever invented tablet device, its sleek design and incredible marketing methods made it popular among high end gadget lovers. Today, you get to see a wide range of tablet models […]

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The Top Ten Tablet Accessories you Should Consider Investing In

Although desktop computers and laptops offer their users many great features, they are considered the electronics of last decade. If you’re looking to upgrade to a new and hotter device, consider looking into purchasing a tablet. These compact, touch screen, hand held computers have been around in many forms for a little longer than 20 […]

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Slate 7: The HP Tablet Gamble

HP isn’t done with the tablet market, not just yet. Following Google’s announcement of the Nexus 7, a reasonably priced decent looking stock Android tablet, the market was wondering how the likes of Samsung and Apple would respond. There weren’t many betting on HP to make a tablet announcement, so the Slate 7 comes as […]

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