Things to Consider Before Buying an iPad Pro

Apple’s latest gadgets land on Stores every year just in time for the holiday shopping season. Whether you are tempted to upgrade your existing device or buy a new one, you need to consider a number of factors before making your purchase decision. In this post, we’ll take a look at the latest tablet, the iPad Pro and tell you what things you need to consider before deciding that the iPad Pro is the right gadget for you. Here is our guide to buying an iPad Pro.

Buying an iPad Pro?

Buying an iPad Pro

The iPad has always been a convenient gadget to use when compared to a traditional computer. Its lightweight, easy to carry around and convenient in every way conceivable except doing the heavy duty stuff. But unlike earlier models of the iPad, the iPad Pro offers something special.

It is bigger with a 12.9 inch laminated Retina display. It is also powered by the powerful A9 chipset. For anyone who wants to get the best out of the screen, there’s the Apple Pencil, while the Smart Connector gives you access to the best keyboard and an overall better user experience than a laptop. Plus, talk about the unbelievably rich, large collection of apps that’s available at the tap of a finger.

Reasons to Get an iPad Pro

Big Canvas

Office Apps on the iPad pro

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The iPad Air is a 9.7 inch device with 2048×1536 pixels while the iPad Pro is BIG at 12.9 inches and 2732×2048 pixels. This is perfect if you want a broad canvas to work on or if you want an experience like working with 2 iPads side by side or even a Macbook-like view. If your work requires such a broad interface, the iPad Pro is something to consider.

Apple A9X Chipset

If you thought that the A8x chipset was superb, wait until you get your hands on this ridiculously powerful A9X chipset powered iPad Pro. The processor takes care of moving around all that extra pixels on the one hand while simultaneously taking care of 4K streaming, handling 3D models and gaming. If you had difficulties multitasking with an older device, the iPad Pro should eliminate those limitations.

Apple Pencil

apple Pencil

Throw away all your old stylus devices. The Apple Pencil is what you really need. It delivers just the right pressure sensitivity thanks to the powerful sensors beneath the iPad Pro display that offers a flawless performance.

Plus, it plugs right into the Lightning port for easy charging. The Apple Pencil makes it possible to scribble, write, sketch and expand your creativity in as many ways as you can. If you want to do all of the above with your iPad, the Pro is a perfect device to buy.

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Smart Connector + Smart Keyboard

iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

There are plenty of solid keyboards for the iPad but with Apple making the Smart Keyboard and the Smart Connector that enables it, you don’t have to rely on Bluetooth, batteries and all that jazz anymore. You can simply snap on your keyboard and have the iPad itself power it for you. If you do a LOT of data entry work, the Smart connector and keyboard makes buying the iPad Pro an ideal choice.

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iPad Pro Apps - Garageband

The iPad Pro gives you access to apps that are more sophisticated as they are not just blown up iOS apps but apps that take advantage of the real estate and intuitive interface. If you want apps that are more convenient to use, consider the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is ideal for anyone looking for using the tablet to expand their creativity and maximize their productivity without having to lug a laptop to do it. It is like a laptop that’s just more convenient to use.


The iPad Mini 2 starts at about $269. The iPad Air and the new iPad Mini 4 starts at about $399. The iPad Air 2 starts at $499 and the iPad Pro starts at $799. The price range is wider as you consider additional options like storage and LTE costs.

However, if you plan on using the device for over 2 years, the price difference, spread over a number of years becomes marginal. That makes purchasing the expensive and more feature rich iPad Pro a more sensible option. If money is tight and you’d rather have the extra cash to pay your rent or for school or other important things, you can go for the iPad Mini 2 or iPad Air.

If you are more concerned about speed or size than cash, the iPad Mini 4 or the iPad Air 2 should be on your list, but obviously the iPad Pro is the best option. If you need to choose between a MacBook and iPad Pro, think about whether you want a traditional desktop experience or whether you want to do everything except the most intense computing tasks. If it is the latter, then the iPad Pro should be your choice.

Choosing the right iPad

iPad Mini 2 – If you want a small tablet at the lowest price

iPad Air – If you want a full-sized iPad but don’t want to pay a bigger price

iPad Mini 4 – If you want a small powerful tablet that is easy to carry around and one that offers split view multitasking capabilities

iPad Air 2 – If you want a large iPad that is still light to carry around and that offers split view multitasking capabilities

iPad Pro – If you want a tablet that’s great for maximizing your productivity and expanding your creativity and is almost as powerful as any laptop


If you’re finally deciding on the iPad Pro, you need to choose between the 32 GB or 128 GB storage option. The 32 GB option is ideal if you use your device to stream a lot of content or work in the cloud. If you don’t want to depend on network access all the time and prefer to keep stuff local or if you want everything at your fingertips all the time, you’ll need the 128 GB option.


iPad pro Colors

The iPad Pro comes in three metallic colors – space gray, silver, and gold. Space gray comes with a black faceplate and the gold and silver devices come with a white faceplate, which means you’ll see a black/white border around the screen when you are using it.

Some users find the white border distracting. If that’s the case, go for the space grey model that sports a black border that looks pretty much negligible. However, when you are reading or browsing the web, you may notice the black border contrasting from the whiter background.

Space grey devices tend to show dust and damage more clearly compared to silver and gold devices, which have their own weaknesses – getting discolored.

Then there are those who simply love a particular color. So just pick one that you love. If you’re planning on accessorizing it with a case, see how the device will look with the case on before finalizing.

Space Grey – Go for it if you don’t want distractions when watching a video or playing a game; if you want a device that won’t discolor; and if you want a classic reserved look?

Silver – Go for it if you want a device that stands out in a crowd and doesn’t show as much damage when it gets older

Gold – Go for it if bling is your thing

WiFi or Cellular

iMovie on the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro also comes with a WiFi version and a WiFi+LTE , but cellular networking is available only on the 128GB model. If you plan to use the device at home or when you’re heading out casually such as to a coffee shop or place where WiFi is available you can do with just the WiFi version. Obviously this will also be your choice, if you don’t want to pay for data.

If you do plenty of traveling and frequent places that have no access to WiFi or if you want access to your data all the time, no matter where you are, go for the Wi-Fi + LTE version.

As a final note, whatever device you finally decide to choose, remember not to spend money that you don’t have. Happy Shopping!

You can learn more about the iPad Pro here.

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  • Updated April 18, 2016
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