TickTick Task Manager 2.0 Wows Users with Its Free Calendar & Reminders

In late April of this year, we reviewed a really cool Task Manager app for Android called TickTick - Todo & Task List. The app entered an already crowded marketplace but quickly found its place among the best, thanks to its nifty features and cross platform compatibility and its hardly any surprise that the app carries a top rating on the Android Store (4.4) as well. In our review we found the app to be really handy for anyone who found Google Keep lacking or Evernote overstuffed.

The app developers Appest Inc. have now updated TickTick Task Master to version 2.0, which brings a host of great features such as a newly designed calendar view, voice input, multiple reminders, and list folder apart from 50 other improvements.

Here's a deeper look at what you can now do with TickTick Task Manager.

TickTick Task Manager 2.0 New Features

Calendar View

The biggest feature update to TickTick 2.0 is the Calendar. If you've got something important to do on a particular day, but you're not sure if you are already engaged on that day, you simply pull up the Calendar view by tapping the 3 line Menu button at the top left corner of the app and selecting Calendar.

This will display the current week at the top with a list of tasks you have lined up for any other day displayed below. You can swipe down to see the full monthly calendar view and click on a day with a light blue dot under it you can see the tasks set for the day. If you haven't got a task lined up, just tap on the + icon at the bottom of the screen to add your task.

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Calendar view in ticktick task manager

What's even better is that you can long press a task and drag it to another date and drop it to reschedule it to a different date and time.

Calendar View used to be a premium feature on the TickTick web app, but the positive feedback the developers received compelled them to make it available for free on mobile. Yipee! This feature is just so fantastic that I wouldn't even mind paying for it.

Multiple Reminders

Yet another awesome feature I want to talk about is Reminders. The latest version of the app allows you to set up to 5 REMINDERS for one task. With this feature, you can now never miss out on a deadline any more.

Again, this feature has been streamlined to work much more efficiently than before. Earlier, if you had to create a reminder for a task you had to set up a separate entry. Now you only need to use the original entry to set up the reminder. Let me explain.

Let’s say you had a client coming from another country on July 10th and you had to make reservations for his stay at a hotel near your office. You can set up an entry on the TickTick calendar to have your client picked up from the airport on July 10th and also set a reminder on that same day that you’ll need to book the reservations a week before.

Apart from multiple reminders, you also have the luxury of selecting flexible reminder times. In the previous versions, you had options like “one day before” or “one hour before.” Now you can set reminders at any time such as 43 minutes before, 5 hours before, or 2 weeks before.

Reminders in ticktick task manager

TickTick Folders

TickTick comes with two default lists Work & Family to organize your various kinds of tasks. But over time, you end up adding so many different lists that it becomes annoying to scroll back and forth to find what you’re looking for. Now with folders, you can group a bunch of related lists and keep them separated from others. For example, you can put your Grocery and Household Chores lists into a folder called Family and you can collapse this folder when you’re looking at some other lists for work. This makes your list management a lot more organized.

Voice Integration

Finally in TickTick 2.0, you can now press and hold the Add button to start giving voice commands to the app. For example, press and hold the Add button, say Meet Jack at Joe’s Café tomorrow at 9.30 and release the button. TickTick will recognize the date and time and transfer them to the appropriate due date and reminder time. Although I’ve just discussed all the Android features here, I’d also like to point out that if you’re an iOS owner, TickTick is also available on the App Store and plays nicely with Siri. So next time you want to be reminded of something, just hit up Siri and ask to be reminded of things at a certain time.

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Final Thoughts

That’s just a quick cover of the top features of this awesome to do task manager. I hope that you give the app a try and let us know if the app made your task management tasks on mobile effortless. We appreciate your feedback!

You can download the latest version of TickTick here!

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  • Updated December 27, 2015
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