Top 10 Free Navigation & GPS Apps for iPhone 5

The new Apple iPhone 5, the latest in the iPhone series, is every bit as remarkable as its predecessors, but then again, this is another one of Apples range of products. ‘Remarkable’ is just another one of its many synonyms. The iPhone 5 has a range of apps that are created not only for our entertainment, but also to aid us in our daily routines. One such factor that it caters to is the ability to get around a city or town, at ease. In this post, we take a look at some of the top GPS apps for iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 already comes with an Apple Maps feature that works as a sneak preview for the extensive version, which will be introduced to us in the Apple iPhone 6. Apple Maps has a variety of helpful features, like

  • Spoken Navigation: It will provide turn-by-turn spoken navigation, to the destination of your choice. This isn’t just extremely helpful but also safe, as you won’t be required to take your eyes off the road to inspect the map. It will even provide 3D images for better understanding.
  • Reroute: In case you take the wrong turn, or miss it altogether, the Maps feature will reroute you to the original path.
  • Traffic: It will provide you with traffic information, inclusive of the cause for the hold up. Maps will also furnish you with alternate route.
  • Tour Guide: If you’re new to a city or town, you can explore it via Maps. It not only provides in-depth details of a city, but will also navigate you around, depending on your requirement. So if you’re in search of a nearby food joint, or a shoe store, or maybe even their local theater, then allow Maps to take you there.

Top GPS Apps for iPhone 5

Top GPS Apps for iPhone 5

As efficient as the Maps may be, if you’re looking for an alternative app to help take you around, then you could try these top GPS apps for iPhone.

1. MapQuest

The MapQuest app works similarly to the Apple Maps feature, minus the 3D feature. It too provides turn-by-turn navigation, and is said to be one of the very 1st apps to introduce it in speech form.

2. Yelp

Yelp provides details on local businesses. So if ever you’re in need of an eating joint after hours, a gas station before you run out, a shopping mall, a pub, or maybe even a place to entertain yourself, Yelp can be of service. You even have the option to refine your search by providing details such as, the name of the town, distance, working hours, or prices. Through Yelp, one could also attain reviews of the establishment, or maybe even provide the same themselves. Apart from reviews, one can also view/post photos and suggestions. You can derive contact information, along with detailed directions via a map.

3. Telenav Scout

Telenav has been offering its navigational services to phones, for the past 10 years. Scout is its latest venture to provide an app for immediate solutions. It directs you around a place with prompt voice commands, and graphics of extreme clarity. This app also provides traffic details, notes and shares your favorite places, and also enables you to discover new places around.

4. Yell

This free GPS app for iPhone furnishes details on local businesses. You can search for one according to your requirement, derive details of it, contact them instantly, and even get directions to said business, depending on your chosen means to commute.

5. Google Maps

Google is renowned for its all-embracing search feature. It also has a Maps app that will help direct you to any location of your choice. It guides you around in speech form, enabling you to reach your destination, hassle-free. Google Maps provides traffic details, alternate routes, and an extensive database of businesses around your area. Google Maps Directions are also available based on your chosen mode of transportation.

6. Wikihood

The Wikihood app works as your local tour guide and allows you to explore foreign cities, in ease. It will furnish enough details to allow one to embark on their own sight-seeing tour. You can derive details like, Important places to visit that can also be based on distance, famous personalities from around there, historical events that took place and methods to get to a certain location.

7. Waze

This app provides prompt voice-navigation, along with traffic details, road alerts, and alternate route options. Waze maps also offers bonus features like the cheapest gas stations nearby, or even locate friends along the way to give them a lift.

8. HopStop

HopStop provides you with a deeper insight into the schedules of all your various modes of public transport, and also directions to your destination. One can arrange their routine accordingly.

9. Find My iPhone

This feature allows one to locate their misplaced iPhone, through any iOS supported gadget, on a map. You can even lock your device or erase all information on it, temporarily.

10. Navfree

The Navfree app provides directions in an up-to-date map, along with traffic details, street views, and even nearby parking spaces.

Apart from these, the iOS App store has numerous other GPS apps that one could reap maximum benefits from. One can no longer lose their way, all thanks to them.

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