Merge Tiles and Manage Numbers to Get the Highest Score in Two Numbers [iOS Game]

Simple to play but not easy to master, Two Numbers will have you scratching your head and going back for more, because you know you can do better. In a nutshell, Two Numbers is similar to those tile games where there’s a board of tiles, all with numbers that are a power of 2: 2, 4, 8, 16, 64, and so on. Your mission is to merge like valued tiles so that they turn into one tile with the value of the next power of 2.

For instance, if you see a row of three tiles with 2 on them, and you swipe from the leftmost to the rightmost, they will turn into one tile with a value of 4, and this new tile will sit on the same space as where you ended your swipe. The remaining tiles will all shift in the same direction as your swipe and will reveal new tiles.

Two Numbers App Review

Two Numbers

Easier said than done! What I truly treasured about this app is that it forced you to go through its tutorial, so you could see firsthand the different ways in which a swipe can merge tiles. Two Numbers takes a twist on possible merges by offering the opportunity to merge a corner tile into a line of tiles that lies perpendicular to it. If you don’t know what I mean, look up the word and go through the tutorial.

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The app is also nice in that the tile coloring is very serene and lends itself towards a calmer approach to the game. It did take quite a while to finish my first game. And as soon as the app realized I had no more tiles to merge it ended the game. And that was that.

Two Numbers Puzzle

I was not deterred, no! I started up another and kept on going. The key to this game is to keep on playing and learning about the different patterns. Eventually you’ll be able to merge them in a smart way. What may seem like a good move, merging 4 tiles, may end up isolating another tile. It may be wiser to merge just two and free up future merges.

All of these strategies and decisions can only be realized by playing often. With practice you will get better.

Two Numbers Puzzle Game

One note of caution though. Because the game is free, you do “pay” for it by enduring constant ads across the bottom of the screen and the occasional video clip. You can avoid unnecessary taps on the screen to prevent potential app downloads and continue on to the next game.

Ignoring the ads, this game was a treat for me. It allowed me to take a quick break from work and focus on something else besides work. I have to hope that somewhere in the game playing I am also exercising my brain. I keep my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, here’s the link for you to download and exercise your mind a little!

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