UberHype Android App Review

It’s time to listen to some fresh music. Uberhype is the latest music friend for music lovers. Haven’t you heard of it? Okay, then read on and discover what is special about it. UberHype is a social music app powered by The Hype Music Platform. The most interesting aspect of this music platform is that, it lets users listen to the latest music that is being ‘blogged’ worldwide. You can enjoy the music by streaming it live on your Android device.

From classical hits to the western style, you can listen to your preferred style of music using this platform. The Hype Machine platform aims at bringing out the unheard voices from across the globe that strives hard on creating different versions of music. The music platform is available free of cost and can be downloaded and used right away.

UberHype App Review

Let’s take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of the music platform.


UberHype is a great app to discover fresh music. It encompasses a range of musical genres from which you can choose your favorites. Sporting an intuitive user interface, the app also lets you search for songs by artist names or via social bookmarking sites such as Twitter. You can simple check out the latest or the most visited blogs to discover some mesmerizing music from UberHype.


For a cost-free music app there isn’t much to complain about, but some users have experienced problems in logging in via The Hype Machine.

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UberHype Features

We can say that UberHype bundles many music friendly elements into one. First, it’s a new music-finding tool. It gives you loads of different options to search for new music tracks. Secondly, it’s a virtual music player that helps you listen to some cool music tracks in good audio quality. Thirdly, it’s a powerful blog reader. When you find a pleasant music track and want to read the relevant blog, you can effortlessly do so. Last but not the least it’s a virtual social media network. Using this all-inclusive app, you can not only listen to music but also share your favorite numbers on social networking sites.

UberHype-app review     UberHype

We would also like to list out some of the glaring issues that we faced while using the app. The navigation is kind of counter-intuitive. That is, the platform gives you the option to have friends but doesn’t necessarily allow you add friends within the Hype Machine platform. And we found a tab called “Obsessed” but there isn’t any clear indication on what it means.

I also had some issues while creating my account with UberHype. I didn’t really get the confirmation email until I registered a handful of times.


UberHype is a superb app to find new music. It also gives you the option to save your favorites, share them with friends on social media sites, and follow their favorite tunes. All in all, it gives a wholesome music entertainment. Once you log in, you will have fun with the easy-to-use User Interface. As the music lists are constantly updated, you will have loads of music tracks at your disposal to choose from every time you log in.

Is the UberHype worth downloading? If you are an ardent fan of new music and like to explore some unique music tracks, then this app is definitely worth using!

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