Use Unchecky to Install Any Program Without Worrying About Bundleware

How many times have you downloaded and installed a software only to discover that it has self-installed a whole bunch of unwanted software and extensions. Too many times, right? Now, what if I told you that you no longer have to worry about such pesky installations anymore. It is actually possible, thanks to a simple application called Unchecky.

How to Keep Bundleware Off Your Installations Using Unchecky

When you install applications from the internet, you often overlook a small checkbox that is enabled to install unwanted programs and extensions on your PC. Only after a while do you notice that a strange search engine showing up on your browser or an unknown home page opening up in place of your usual one. Then begins the hateful process of figuring out how to remove the darn things and clearing up the mess. A loss of time and productivity.

Unchecky, which should work with most software programs, is a tool that aims to keep out these unwanted programs by monitoring the third party installations and deselecting options which you may have missed during the installation process. Lets see how Unchecky works:

1. Download Unchecky from and run the EXE file.


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2. Click the Install button and the program will instantly get activated. It will run in the background, monitoring all your further installations. Click Finish.

installing unchecky

3. The next time you install a program, Unchecky will warn you if there is a potentially unwanted program that is trying to install itself on your PC.

potentially unwanted software check unchecky

You can then choose to proceed with the installation or decline the offer. Unchecky also keeps track of all the bundleware that it has saved you from installing. To see the statistics of Unchecky at work, on your Windows 8.1 device, head over to the Start screen and press the Down arrow at the bottom right of the screen to go to the Apps page. Then click on Unchecky to see how many checkboxes were unchecked and how many warnings were shown.


That’s it! Unchecky should have your back the next time you plan on downloading and installing any program. It’s simple to install, runs in the background and won’t bother you until something potentially unsafe tries to creep into your system.

Check out this cool utility and tell us if it made your life a whole lot easier.

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