Watch Full Episodes of Shows on Xbox One with the Comedy Central App

There’s nothing like a bit of fun and laughter to brighten up a tough day! Your Xbox One may not be your dearest friend or a close family member, but it can sure bring a smile to your face on a lonely day. And if playing FIFA 15 or any of these other games doesn’t brighten up your day, you’ll want to pick up the Comedy Central app that Microsoft has just launched right away (only if you are in the U.S though).

Comedy Central App for Xbox One

Full Episodes of Comedy Central on Your Xbox One

According to the Store description, the Comedy Central app lets you watch full episodes of the latest shows the day after they air. You’ll get access to all the latest including funnyman Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” “The Colbert Report,” and “South Park.” You can also watch all the stand up specials from the channel including classics like the Chappelle’s Show as well as full seasons of any returning series. You can also do a marathon run of the full episodes of South Park or other shows if you like.

The app features four specific sections; Shows which brings you clips and episodes of all the current and old favorites; CC Stand-Up, which offers a selection of the specialties from the channel; Favorites, where you can add all the funniest clips you enjoyed to watch again and again and again; and Search.

xbox one comedy central app

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You also get to earn rewards for watching your favorite shows and the Xbox team is saying that you can unlock more achievements the more time you spend on the channel, but I guess that wouldn’t be such a good idea. You get to unlock one achievement for downloading the app and then sign in with your TV provider to unlock another achievement.

You can stream all the great content from the channel, but only if you have a cable subscription to Comedy Central. If not, you’ll only end up seeing some free clips. Also don’t forget, Comedy Central on Xbox One is available only in the U.S and for Xbox Live members.

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