Web Browser: How to Get Rid of the Remember Password Pop Up in Firefox 4

One of the most common messages that you notice when logging in to any account using your Firefox 4 browser is a pop-up message asking you if you would like to remember the password for the site. And you also know by now that clicking the Never Remember Password for This Site option doesn’t really stop the pop-up from re-appearing again. If you find the pop-up extremely annoying, as I do, you can get rid of it in 3 simple steps. In this Firefox 4 tutorial, you will learn how to get rid of the Remember Password Pop Up in Firefox 4.

How to Get Rid of the Remember Password Pop Up in Firefox 4

1. On the menu bar, click Tools and select Options.

firefox options

2. In the Options dialog box, select the Security tab and uncheck the Remember passwords for sites checkbox.

Get Rid of the Remember Password Pop Up

3. Click OK and you’re done.

Firefox 4 will no longer display the pop-up to save your password. Do you think that the pop-up message is a useful feature in Firefox 4 or would you disable it?

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  1. Thanks Eddie.. I hate these popups which are so annoying at times when you are working on something. This would help to solve the problem. I never thought it is possible.

  2. I already knew about this tweak… Some times the notifications seem so annoying. Si I’ve already turned off it.

  3. I would use Firefox. Although Chrome might feel faster on some computers, it may be slower on others (especially on slower hardware). Since Chrome runs each tab as a separate process, if one tab crashes the rest won’t. But the downside of this is additional RAM use.

  4. thanks for this. this was very very very very very very very very annoying. far more so than me having just wrote “very” 8 times