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Windows 7: Shortcut to Open Files in Other Programs

Have you ever had the need to repeatedly open a text file in another program such as Microsoft Word? Or display a JPEG image in an application other than Paint? Windows 7 enables you to launch files in programs other than the default program with ease. In this Windows 7 tutorial, I will explain how you can open a text file in a Microsoft Word document in a few mouse clicks.

How to Open a Text File in a Microsoft Word Document

1. Save a copy of the text file on the desktop, or the documents library, or in any other convenient location.

2. Pin the Microsoft Word application to the taskbar.

3. Drag the text file to the Microsoft Word icon on the taskbar. Notice that the file gets pinned to the application.

pin to taskbar

4. Right-click the Word icon on the taskbar and select the text file to open it in Word.

pinned text file

You can also try this method with other files and programs.

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