Samsung Galaxy Book Launch: Price, Tech Specs and Availability

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro way back in September 2016 at Rs. 32,490. Samsung has now announced that the sleek, gorgeous looking smartphone will be on sale at Flipkart today with a huge price cut. If you’ve been thinking about picking up a Samsung smartphone, particularly the A9 Pro, you can now do so on Flipkart at just Rs.29,900. That’s a huge price cut of Rs.2590.

Comparing the Moto G5 with the Redmi 3S Prime

Looking for an affordable smartphone in the Indian market? There are plenty of great phones to choose from, thanks to a tsunami of releases since the beginning of the year. Motorola for one has just announced the Moto G5 while Nokia has a string of devices lined up for release including the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. Previously, we compared the Nokia 5 with the Moto G5 to see how they stacked up against each other. In this post, we take a look at how the Moto G5 stacks up against an older, yet awesome smartphone, the Redmi 3S Prime. Here’s the Moto G5 vs Redmi 3S Prime one-on-one.

Comparing the Moto G5 with Nokia 5

Motorola and Nokia have announced new smartphones in the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. While Nokia announced the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 Android smartphones, Motorola announced the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus. Curious to know how these phones compare on paper? Here’s a comparative look at the Moto G5 vs Nokia 5 to see how they stack up against each other.

Comparing the Moto G5 Plus and the Redmi Note 4

When it comes to picking up a decently priced, mid-range smartphone, there’s no better companies to choose from than Motorola and Xiaomi. Motorola has just announced the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus at Barcelona at the MWC while Xiaomi has the best selling smartphone of the year so far in the Redmi Note 4. We bring you a side by side comparison of the two top devices to see how they stack up against each other. Here’s a comparative look at the Moto G5 Plus Vs Redmi Note 4.

Canon Launches 3 New Innovative Cameras in India–All the Details

Japanese multinational corporation Canon Inc. completes 20 years in India and in a clear sign that it intends to keep bringing the most innovative products at great prices, it has announced 3 exciting new cameras for the Indian consumer. The Canon EOS 800D, Canon EOS 77D DSLR and Canon EOS M6 is all set to land in stores soon. Here are all the details on these cameras.

HP Brings the Omen Gaming Lineup to India – Laptops, Desktop and More

HP is betting that gaming will be the next big thing in India. That means if you’re heavily into gaming you’re going to enjoy the company’s latest announcement. The launch of the HP Omen lineup. That’s Omen gaming laptops, desktops, accessories et al. You can pre-book your choice of device and take advantage of some exciting offers that HP is throwing into the ring. Excited? Great! Let’s check out all the details.