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How to Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen on Start Up

When Windows 7 was launched, Microsoft publicized how the operating system could take you to your desktop in a matter of minutes compared to previous operating systems making it far more productive than Windows Vista and Windows XP. All the good work that was done in Windows 7 was completely undone with the launch of Windows 8. No wonder then, that Windows 8 received a lukewarm response when it was launched. The trouble with Windows 8 is that users still need to get to the desktop to start their tasks, (the Metro UI only partially serves the purpose) and to get to the desktop, you need to get past the lock screen, and the log in screen, both of which are redundant time wasting activities. Clearly, you don’t want to begin your day with an exasperated sigh everyday! In my previous post, I showed you how to disable the Windows lock screen. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to bypass Windows 8 login screen, so that you can get to where you’re going in a single click.

How to Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen

1. On the Start screen, type Run to display the Run window. Alternatively press Windows +R.

2. In the Open text box, type netplwiz and press OK. This will open up the User Accounts dialog box.

3. In the dialog box, you’ll see a list of user accounts created on your PC. Select the account with which you want to automatically login.

4. Uncheck the check-box that says Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and click OK.

5. Enter your password twice to confirm the changes.

6. Restart Windows 8.

Now, if you have multiple users accounts, or for any other reason this does not work, here’s something else you can do to bypass Windows 8 Log in.

Alternate Option to Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen

1. Head over to the Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound.

2. In the Power Options section, click Require a password when the  computer wakes.

Windows 8 Power Options

3. In the next screen, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

bypass windows 8 login screen using power settings

4. Scroll down the page and in the Password protection on wake up section, select Don’t require a password.

5. Click Save changes.

Windows 8 password protection

The next time you log on to Windows 8, you won’t see the Windows 8 password screen and you can get right started with your tasks from your Metro UI.

I hope you found this tutorial useful to dismiss the Windows 8 log on screen.

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    • Justin Germino March 6, 2013, 6:25 pm

      You expertly identified how to remove the requirement for password and instantly get to Windows 8 start screen and desktop. As an IT Security professional I want to urge readers never to consider using it however, by removing the password login you are exposing your Windows 8 and it doesn’t just mean you don’t have to login via desktop, but you are removing the password for the account as well which can have major security implications. Password are your 1st line of defense and security and unless your PC is never connected to the Internet, I would always leave account passwords in place. Windows 8 also sync’s with Windows Live online for password as well, and you could cause confusion leaving them out of sync at some point.

      • Adeline March 6, 2013, 8:13 pm

        Hi Justin,
        Great point! One can never emphasize enough the importance of staying secure. I for one, work from home and have no worries about anyone accessing my PC, so I find it easier to bypass the login screen. (I enter my password over 25 times a day, each day and it just got to me. )
        Windows 8 certainly has been causing a lot of password related problems and who is to say your Microsoft account won’t get hacked. It’s already happened to the Microsoft Store in India and user details were heavily compromised. Not to mention the time I got locked out of my own account even though I typed in the password correctly. Even the guys at Microsoft couldn’t come up with a solution for that. Another long story!
        But I’m really glad you shared your expert advice with my readers. Thank You!