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One of the major challenges that small businesses face is the storage and maintenance of data in a manner that is not only safe and secure, but also cost effective. As businesses grow, so does the need for managing its voluminous data. The cost of running and maintaining IT infrastructure for data storage and management may pose a severe constraint both in terms of administrative overheads and IT resources. Letting specialized companies take care of data storage management and virtualization services will result in more centralized data management system with all round efficiencies in cost and maintenance. This is particularly of consequence if your business expands and grows in the future. There are probably many enterprises offering such solutions, but let’s take a look at one leading provider, CDW and what makes this enterprise an ideal solution for your data storage management needs.

CDW’s Role in Data Storage Management

CDW has been the leading provider of IT products and services since 1984 in several fields including government healthcare, and education. This Fortune 500 Company’s highly certified solution architects and 6500+ strong workforce manage and maintain over 250K customers offering technology solutions that include virtualization, cloud computing, and software management. CDW helps your business Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40% and helps you choose and leverage the right storage solution that is tailored for your business.

CDW Data Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions

Data Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions

CDW’s Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions offer a number of benefits for businesses. For instance, Its Storage Area Networks (SANs) offer dedicated high speed networks that simplifies storage administration and helps in effective disaster recovery; its Blade Servers minimize the need for large physical space to house servers; its Storage Management Software centralizes data management while reducing the need to maintain multiple data storage systems; its Archiving Software deletes unnecessary files on expiry of its retention period, thus freeing up disk space; its E- Discovery Software makes use of the archiving feature to help users quickly search all files and e?mail; Data De-duplication saves considerable costs incurred on storing and maintaining redundant data; and Data Storage Virtualization makes multiple storage data storage systems appear as a single virtual data storage system.

CDW-05_Data Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions

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Before you decide on outsourcing your data management needs, think about how much data your business manages every day and how much of storage capacity this takes up. Analyze if your current data management strategy will benefit your business in the long run keeping in mind future growth and expansion. Does your business have an effective disaster recovery system in place? You won’t want to wake up one day and find all your data gone.

Download CDW’s Red Report

Examine what CDW offers by way of its storage management and virtualization solutions and leave your data storage and management worries in the hands of capable solution providers. If you want to get exclusive tips on how your business can protect its data, eliminate inefficiencies in infrastructure, gain access to critical information in a timely manner, and provide adequate support your workforce, download CDW’s Red Report. It’s available for free for a limited period and is a valuable resource to evaluate where your business stands in terms of data storage management.

Give your small business a competitive business edge with CWD’s data storage management and virtualization services!

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