How to Transfer Files to Windows Phone

It took me quite a long time to figure out how to transfer my files together with several eBooks to my HTC Radar Windows phone as I can exclusively transfer songs, videos and photos to it through my Zune. Personally speaking, I don’t like SkyDrive as it’s pretty slow and tough to use, and is also said to peep into users’ personal documents. In this tutorial, I will introduce an alternate  method to transfer files to Windows phone.

How to Transfer Files to Windows Phone

To transfer files to Windows phone using this method, you are required to install two free applications, “HFS” (HTTP File Server) on computer and “PC File Download” on your phone.

Install HFS on your computer:

1. Go to and select “Download” tab to download HFS application to your computer. This application is less than 1M and can be soon downloaded to your disc.

hfs-ui - how to transfer files to windows phone

2. Double click the hfs.exe file to start.

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Install PC File Download on your windows phone:

1. Search for “PC File Download” on the app market on your windows phone (WIFI required).


2. Download & install “PC File Download” app.


Transfer files from computer to Windows phone:

1. Start HFS and drag your file to it on your computer.

Or you can right-click one file and select “Add to HFS”.


2. Launch “PC File Download” on your Windows phone. There will be a “Your locations list is now empty” warning the first time you use. Tap “OK” and tap “add new…”.

pc-file-download-tap-host - how to transfer files to windows phone

3. Enter a namefor the host (computer) you connected. Enter the IP address and port number as per the display on your computer. Tap the “tick” button.



4. Tap the host name you just entered. It will turn to the according IP address plus port NO.

5. Slide to the right screen and tap the “Files” folder. The added file will be listed. Tap the doc to open.


Here is the PDF on Windows phone.


According to its creator, you can only transfer office docs, PDF, text files, etc. to your windows phone. For Office docs, say Word file, there is a “save as” item for you to save your Office file on your windows phone.


If you want to read eBooks on it, you can use free eBook converter, ePubee eBook converter or Calibre, to convert EPUB & MOBI books to PDF. Adobe Reader will automatically add them to the “recently viewed” and “documents” category although there is no “save as” option for PDF files. You can get Adobe Reader for free on Windows app market.

Author Bio: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related solutions to customers. In addition, she writes blogs for eBook converter and Mana Blog.

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