Introducing New Features of MS Access 2013

MS Access has always been a useful tool for small business and individuals to organize their data. With its new release of MS Access 2013, it has introduced some really advanced features to bring Access database to the web and make it more efficient than ever before. You can now host your Access database through Office 365, and securely extract and use your data from devices like laptop, table, or any computer, and even from the devices that do not have Access installed on them. Starting this application is easy and fast too. Mentioned below are some of the MS Access 2013 new features.

What’s New in MS Access 2013

New Features of MS Access 2013

Support for Cloud with Office 365

If your plan for Office 365 includes SharePoint, then you can use MS Access 2013 database without any need of an additional Access setup. Microsoft takes care of your data and ensures you that it is backed up, secured, and available when you require. You can see the demo of the working of Office 365 by signing up for preview of Office 365 Small Business Premium or Office 365 Enterprise.

Get a Faster Start

ms access 2013 online templates

The library of table templates enables you to search for people, tasks, events, things, etc. Every template of table includes views, fields, data-integrity rules, and relationships, which enable you to use all the features of Access without any difficulty. Apart from this, the software allows you to combine different templates of table into one application and add or remove fields to an existing table faster than ever. In this way, this new version of MS Access enables you to customize your database and meet its unique needs much quickly and easily.

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Access Collaboration with SharePoint Applications

The web database of Access 2013 provides great support for SharePoint 2013. This is possible as an Access application is just like a SharePoint application that can be easily deployed, modified, managed, and shared very securely. You do not require additional login or password as the security can be controlled via the same infrastructure. Users can share their Access applications via a public SharePoint App Store or private Catalog of applications. You just need few clicks to install an application. In this way, anyone having an Internet connection and web browser can use the application despite the absence of Access installation on his system.

An Efficient, Professional, and User-Friendly Interface for Various Applications

The user-friendly and efficient user interface of Access 2013 enables you to use template, define your schema, and import any existing database without any difficulty. You need not do anything for generating preview of your data as Access automatically generates view for your data, including the searchable Excel list view and MS Excel like datasheet. Moreover, if you have related items like Invoices and Line items, then Access automatically creates views that show these items together. With these features, you can easily focus on what is specific about your application.

The Back-End SQL Server

With improved user interface and enhanced functionalities like reliability and efficiency to work faster with large amount of data, MS Access 2013 provides great support for SQL Server. Whenever you publish Access database to SharePoint through premise or through Office 365, you will get a fully functional SQL Server database to store your data. The users who are familiar with SQL Server can easily connect with database for reporting and analysis of familiar tools, such as Excel, Crystal Reports, and Power View.

Mentioned above are some of the new features of MS Access 2013, which are included in this database to make it more flexible, user-friendly, and advanced in terms of managing large amount of data of small businesses and individual users who use it.

About the Author: This post is written by Mark William. He is an author of many technical articles of MS Access database (corruption cases). When he is free from his project on Access database repair solution, he loves to read & travel.

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  • Updated December 27, 2015
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