iOS Games for Console Gamers

It is a year for the mobile phone gaming platform to make significant steps in the gaming market. Those behind making the mobile video gaming platforms workable are still far from hitting a breakthrough but judging from the progress there is ground being gained. The era of gaming being the preserve of a PC or a console player are past and gone. The good news is that the console gamers may not find the change of platforms something to worry about because the familiarity between the console and the mobile landscape are more or less two sides of the same coin. iOS games are many and varied; in the discussion below, I will give a few highlights.

Popular iOS Games for Console Gamers

Zenonia series

zenonia - iOS Games for Console Gamers

The outlay of equipment, the ferocity of the enemies and the whole setting for this game makes is a darling of most gamers. What endears the touchscreen to most gamers is the fact that with a touch of an icon on the screen, the enemies are smashed to smithereens in their dungeons. The expansive nature of the Zenonia games equipment adds flavour to the whole gaming system.

The Deep

Well this is one of the games that is commonly mistaken for a kids game at first sight. The reason behind this lies in the colourful nature of its graphics. However upon engaging in it, the depth of the game can literally be felt. The underwater escapades are set in such a way that they capture every bit of adventure in the game.

Grand theft auto: Vice city

This game can now be played on the go. This is very important as initially one had to stick on one place thereby exposing all that he did to the entire audience but now some secrecy can be commanded. The improvement in the control system and upgrades has made the whole gaming experience lovable.

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Robot Wants Kitty

robot wants kitty - iOS Games for Console Gamers

Have you ever controlled a robot and collected upgrades along the way? Well, robot wants kitty is an experience worth dying for. The design behind it is that as the robot collects the keys and missiles, it uses them to gain access to rooms and kill any enemies that it may come across the way. All this effort is geared towards getting a kitty that is hidden in very secretive places.


This game is easy to play because the execution mechanics are simple to manipulate. An added advantage is that it can be enjoyed on iOS as well. Bastion’s design is among the simplest and even to those that have never played it on Xbox LIVE Arcade one thing that will endear the game to them is the colorful graphics and its battle rationale that is very straight forward.

Ravensworld: Shadowlands

What is amazing with this game is the customization of the characters. The setting is a fantasy world coupled with the upgrades characteristic of this game make the whole gaming time an absolute mixture of tension and fun. The leveling and the quest system unique to this game show how mature this game is in terms of the design and complexity of the whole scheme.

Trigger Fist

This game is one the few that are restricted to a multiplayer system with no chance for a solo player. The design and game scheme is intricate and expansive. It is action packed and quick requiring a fast paced player who is also tactful as he seeks to bring down the enemy is a record time. This is considered by gamers as a perfect into to mobile gaming platforms.

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

modern combat - iOS Games for Console Gamers

This game allows for both single and multiplayer platforms. The story line is very interesting and at every point it leaves the footprints of a console oriented game. It is also amazing how this fourth series of Modern Combat blends so well with the mobile platform according the players an opportunity to play it on the go via their handsets.

Order & chaos online

This game is one of the living testimonies that mobile platforms are strong enough to sustain gaming and its entire entirety. Spanning two years now since it was released; this game has received its fair share of criticism and appraisals. Despite the fact that Gameloft has had its name touted for having replicated almost everything from the PC/Console games, it has the most interesting console-quality titles.

The list of iOS Games for console gamers should not be seen as being exhaustive; in fact it is just a sneak preview into how console players have seen the ground below their feet shifting towards mobile gaming platforms. As events unfold, we are yet to see more developments.

Author Bio: The article is being authored by Jason Phillips. He is a big fan for video games and usually plays online games at Sniper Games 365. Apart he is a regular guest author and freelance writer.

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