Mobile Apps That Make an Eco-Difference

How much energy do you burn at home? In today’s industrialized society, energy consumption is a hot topic, so you might be wondering. The residential sector is responsible for 21 percent of the total energy usage in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The history of energy suppliers is a long and complicated one. Consumers can take control of their home energy expenditure, however, with the help of some nifty mobile apps:

Mobile Apps That Make an Eco-Difference



Named the top energy app out there by the Alliance to Save Energy, Kill-Ur-Watts by KeyLogic Systems provides hourly, daily and monthly energy profiles, according to This energy saving tool breaks down usage by key categories. Users know if the bulk of their energy budget is going to heating and cooling, major appliances, or electronics, for example. Kill-Ur-Watts also provides a home energy score based on national averages. This app is available free from iTunes.

Energy UFO+

energy ufo

Consumers looking for real-time monitoring need look no further than Visible Energy Inc.’s Energy UFO+. This app provides visual feedback on your home’s energy consumption as it happens. It offers a cost comparison tool that allows you to see how much each category is costing in energy bucks at any given moment using home Wi-Fi products, according to Visible Energy Inc.’s website. The application is free and available for iOS.

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Wiser Home

wiser home

Also a top contender in the energy app market according to the Alliance to Save Energy, iTunes calls Wiser Home by Schneider Electric USA, Inc. an energy management system. This app provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for utilities, while allowing consumers to shift usage during peak hours. The networked Wiser devices enhance the stabilization of the local utilities, as well. The Wiser app is free to download, and is optimized for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Light Bulb Finder

light bulb finder

The Light Bulb Finder is all about saving energy by using the right tools. According to its website, this free application from Eco Hatchery, LLC. shows users the energy saving equivalent to the standard light bulb. Eco Hatchery explains the average home wastes over a hundred dollars each year, using less than efficient light bulbs. With Light Bulb Finder, you plug in the type of bulb required and the app lists cost-saving options. Eco Hatchery provides this free application for both Android and iOS devices.

Green Outlet

green outlet

Recommended by some of the top environmental websites, Green Outlet from Key Lime 314, LLC. helps consumers identify the most energy efficient appliances for their homes, according to Users plug in the appliance brand and model, and Green Outlet predicts the energy usage and cost of the device. This tool will also alert homeowners when their household appliances exceed the recommended carbon footprint based on government guidelines. Green Outlet costs under a dollar to download and works with all iOS devices.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

ecobee smart thermostat - Mobile Apps That Make an Eco-Difference

The Ecobee system turns your phone or tablet into a working virtual thermostat that allows you to understand how the heating and cooling system works in your home. The Ecobee app communicates with a Wi-Fi enabled home thermostat to control the heating, cooling and ventilation in your home, no matter where you go. While the app is free to download, it will only work with smart home thermostats. More info available art

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