Pokémon Sun and Moon Set to Lift Dreary Spirits in the Fag End of 2016

Its November. Safe enough to say that the year 2016 has been a rude nightmare for many of us across the world. The shock results of the UK referendum, the disillusionment caused by the US elections, the heart-rending tragedies in Syria and the tragic and nightmarish consequences of the Indian demonetization – I could go on. Sometimes, its just nice to put all this aside and escape into a world where there is sunshine, moonlight, happiness, laughter and Pokémon.  A world that transcends countries and communities, bringing nostalgia and social engagement of a glorious kind. Game Freak’s newly launched Pokémon Sun and Moon could just be the one. If you love the world of Pokémon , this game will hopefully provide the soothing balm to see you through the last stretch of 2016. Here are all the details.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Features and Gameplay


In Pokémon Sun and Moon players take on the role of a young Pokémon trainer from the Kanto region. This time the trainer makes his way to 4 Hawaii-inspired islands of Alola, where exists plenty of new Pokémon iterations. Typically, trainers go on quests to catch and train the various new species of Pokémon. After training them they set out to battle other trainers for victory and glory.

There is always a villain lurking in the shadows – even in the unreal world. Therefore players must pull up their socks and fight off the nefarious criminal organization Team Skull, while still challenging other powerful Pokémon trainers.

Teaser Trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Experience earned in turn based battles allow players to level up, evolve more powerful Pokémon creatures and fight bigger battles. Players can also catch wild Pokémon characters and add them to their battle teams.

pokemon sun and moon characters

Some Pokémon characters can be picked up in Sun while others will be available only in Moon. Players can trade them to collect all Pokémon from the two game versions using Nintendo 3DS’s connectivity features. The game also brings interesting technical changes such as new battle systems and Island Trials.

Just like their predecessors, Pokémon Sun and Moon feature gorgeous 3D graphics that make the interactions and battles more dynamic and engaging. Players can customize their game characters with cool costumes and accessories picked up during gameplay.


Whether you love the Pokémon franchise or just wish to be transported to a place where you can be in control of your destiny, Pokémon Sun and Moon is a game that is sure to keep you well entertained.

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  • November 20, 2016
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