Back Up Your Content On Amazon and Locally with Seagate Duet

Are you making a backup of your documents, videos, photos and other files on your cloud service as well as on an external hard drive? Seagate and Amazon have teamed up to help make that job easy for you. Their newly launching portable external hard drive will help you back up your content on Amazon and locally in one go. The device is called Seagate Duet Amazon Drive and it will be available only in the U.S from December 10th. Here’s what you can do with the Drive.

Seagate Duet Amazon Drive

Seagate Duet Amazon Drive

Today, data backups are no longer confined to external hard drives. We also have cloud backups and often the two are independent of each other. In such instances, its a difficult task to keep track of the different backups. So why do two backups or more when you can do one? That’s why the Seagate and Amazon have come up with the Seagate Duet Amazon Drive.

This portable hard drive lets you sync all your documents, photos, and videos with Amazon Drive. All you have to do is plug the hard drive on to your Mac or PC and drag and drop files on to the hard drive. Your data will instantly get synced to the Amazon Drive account, when you sign in to your Amazon services account.

You can make the file back up from your computer, from your smartphone or from your tablet using the Amazon Drive mobile app. The advantage with using the mobile app is that you don’t even need to be near your hard drive to make the backup. This instantly makes all your stuff available in 2 places. And, you can access the files from anywhere, anytime.

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The Drive has a storage capacity of  1TB.  It is a non-SSD hard drive costing $99.99. It can be pre-ordered right away  on Amazon and will be shipped post Dec 10, 2016.

Visit to Preorder the Hard Drive

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  • December 2, 2016
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