Seven Great Social Media Apps That You Shouldn’t Be Without

Using social media via your mobile device is the newest and most handy way to keep in touch whilst you’re on the move. As a result there are literally hundreds of social media apps to help us to do this. However, some of them are simply great and some of them are not so great, so with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of seven of the best social media apps that you shouldn’t be without.

Must Have Social Media Apps


foursquare - Must Have Social Media AppsWith over 20 million users and growing it isn’t hard to see why. Foursquare offers the user a chance to keep in touch and up to date with friends and family at the touch of a button. It has a simple to use interface and has an ingenious badge rating system where people can rate new places visited. What’s more it’s free to download too.

Google+ App

google plus - Must Have Social Media AppsThe Google Plus app offers an excellent product for Android and IOS phones. What’s great about it is that users have the ability to interact via video with up to nine users and if this isn’t your bag, then it also offers users the chance to interact via messaging service with all your online friends at the same time.


imo - Must Have Social Media AppsThis is an instantaneous messaging service that allows you to be in control of your chat across a variety of social media sites. Whether that be Facebook, Myspace, MSN, Google Talk and many others. It provides a focal point from which you can conveniently be on top of all your messages. Its ease of use and simplicity makes it a real winner.


instagram  - Must Have Social Media AppsWhen it comes to sharing photos, there is no better site for doing this than Instagram. It gives you the ability to take a snap, upload it and add a funky looking effect or filter, then share the picture via a news feed. It’s fun, fast, and simple although it has recently been purchased by Facebook, so there is likely to be a much closer integration in the future.

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LinkedIn App

linkedin - Must Have Social Media AppsFor anyone who’s in business, it’s important to be hooked into LinkedIn. Well for those on the move you can download the free LinkedIn app. It’s well designed and allows users access to calendars and diaries to let you stay on top of appointments and meetings.

Facebook App

Facebook - Must Have Social Media AppsUp until recently the Facebook app users experienced a slow and clunky service. However. it seems that they have now found their feet and the latest update is noticeably superior. Uploading speeds are faster and the whole all round experience is much crisper and cleaner. This is a great app for the millions of us who interact with Facebook every day and want to do so on the go.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger - Must Have Social Media AppsIn essence, this is a cross platform real time instant messaging service. It’s a great alternative to text messages simply because WhatsApp is free to use and will work across a wide variety of devices.

So there you have it, seven great social media apps that you shouldn’t be without if you want to keep in contact on the move.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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