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The Ultimate Guide In Buying The Right Headphones

You are the proud owner of new gadgets: a tablet and a smartphone. You excitedly post pictures of them on your social networking account, smiling as the number of “likes” climb to about a hundred. Then a friend mentioned about the “cheap looking ear buds” that came with them, bursting your bubble. But then he’s […]

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  • Updated January 10, 2015

The Four Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you are travelling for business or simply want to take a break from your hectic home life, some peace and quiet goes a long way. It seems these days that our brains are constantly hardwired into some form of distraction, entertainment or concentration – all of these aspects are necessary in everyday life but […]

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  • Updated January 11, 2015

Benefits of Mobile Phones & Headphones in a Dynamic Business World

With a highly competitive corporate setting nowadays, business movers milk every inch of advantage that they can get. Apparently, transactions are not just confined within office walls anymore. Rather, deals can be closed while on the go. Major contracts can now be signed digitally and closed-door meetings have been given new light by communication software. […]

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  • Updated January 12, 2015