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Get Rid of Duplicate Email in Outlook with This Tool

Maintaining and managing an email account is no easy task. One of the biggest problems with email management is that sooner or later you end up with so much email that your PST virtually blows up in your face. OK, maybe not. But there’s a good chance that the PST becomes corrupt and your emails become inaccessible. One way to keep your PST file size in check is to remove duplicate email. Today, I take a look at Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover, a $20 tool that promises to help you remove duplicate email easily and keep your Outlook PST file size in check. A double whammy!

Get Rid of Junk Email Easily with These Top Outlook Spam Filter Add ons

Email is a fantastic means of communicating with the world, but sadly the world of email is riddled with one problem that never seems to go away – spam. If you use Outlook, you’ll know that the Junk Email Filter in Outlook works pretty good, but its not handy when it comes to consistently identifying junk email and keeping them out of our Inboxes. If you, like me maintain more than one account in Outlook, then you simply cannot afford to spend time on cleaning up the never ending junk that waltzes into your Inbox every day. Thankfully, there are several great Outlook spam filter add ons that should make your job easy. Let’s check them out! Top Outlook Spam Filter Add ons Spamfighter Spamfighter is a powerful anti spam filter for Outlook that gives you complete control over your email so that your safe senders are never blocked and…