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Mozilla to Block All Plugins (Except Flash & Click to Play)

Software plugins are components that give special functionalities to a bigger software application. Today most of the audio and visual programs carry plugins as they help to boost the competence of the software. While some plugins come along with the software program, most of them are developed independently and are generally made freely available on the net. Plugins are supported by software programs for the following reasons: It allows software developers to produce competency to enlarge a software program. It allows the consumer to add new features without difficulty. It helps to decrease the length of a software program. It helps to detach source code from the software program due to disparity of software licenses. Why Mozilla to Block All Plugins However, plugins developed by a third-party can be really annoying for internet users and imperfectly constructed plugins can cause pauses when loading or unloading, use up a large amount of…

Insert Snippets into Blog Posts with the Dynamic Template Plugin

Windows Live Writer is a fantastic application that makes creating, editing, and publishing posts to WordPress a breeze. Windows Live Writer also supports numerous plugins that makes authoring content easy. I often like to add static pieces of text to my blog, preferably at the end of each post, to draw attention to something significant that’s happening on my blog or to promote something. And I don’t want to manually do it for every post as it’s simply a waste of time. Since all of my authoring is done on Windows Live Writer, I use a powerful plugin that makes this task easy for me. In this tutorial, let me show you how to insert snippets into blog posts with the Dynamic Template plugin for Windows Live Writer. The Dynamic Template plugin was developed by Joe Cheng, who provides detailed instructions on his website, with dynamic examples of how the…