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The Fastest Loading WordPress Theme – SwiftPremium

Last month, I switched over from the Daily Theme blog by Theme Junkie to the fastest loading WordPress theme, SwiftPremium. The SwiftPremium theme was unofficially launched on 4, April 2011 by Satish Gandham a web developer from India. How I Found This Amazing Theme I happened to come across the Swifttheme website during one of my web searches and discovered that Satish was working on the beta version of a new theme called SwiftPremium which promised to be the fastest loading, versatile, SEO WordPress theme. On checking further I discovered that Satish was conducting an interesting an interesting contest. “Guess the Swift Pro theme price within +/- 5$ range and win a free copy”. So I jumped in, selected my price, $39 and 45 days later was one of few the lucky winners of the SwiftPremium theme which was priced $40. You Must Be Thinking, So You have a Theme!…