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Apocalyptic Combat Strategy Game Zombie Anarchy Out Now

If Halloween is near at hand, the zombies can’t be far behind. In the just released combat strategy game Zombie Anarchy that is exactly what happens when hell arrives on earth. The undead have risen and you must fight for your survival amidst infected the zombie camps. RELATED READING: Be sure to check out all the games receiving their yearly Halloween packs in our post Halloween Cometh! Best Games to Spook Ye This October All About Zombie Anarchy Gameloft’s apocalyptic survival game has you scavenging the city for survivors so you can build a camp and defend it from monsters and beasts who have risen from the dead. Your team of survivors may have a heart wrenching story to tell but they possess unique skills that will help you fight off the dead and the undead. As the game progresses you will need to strategize well to protect the meagre…